LPA3 Particle Counter
21 Series
Filter Group
Multiplex skid
RAB Resin Bonded Filter
Flush Pump Skids

Flush Pump skids designed for water, oil and chemical applications. Filters, strainers and heaters can be added. Pumps are sized to application

21 Group Side View 9F 6D
Inline, Tee and Oxygen Filters
IMG_4822 (2)
Custom Strainer Skids

Strainer skids used for various applications such as slurry mixture pump protection

Filter Group
Replacement Filters

Specializing in replacement filters of all types for chemical, lubrication, hydraulic, water, liquid, air and gas filtration

Multiplex skid

Specializing in bag filter vessels, cartridge filter vessels, lube oil filter vessels, Coalescing Vessels and Vacuum Chambers

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SC Industrial Sales is a manufacturers’ representative and distributor specializing in filtration and pumping solutions for industry. Over 30 years of experience in engineering, sizing and recommending intelligent problem solving solutions. Our large network allows us to solve most sourcing problems.

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Product Categories

Contamination Monitoring

Glycol Filter Cart

Filter Carts & Mobile Filtration

High Pressure Oxygen, Gas & Hydraulic Filtration

Cast Iron Duplex Basket Strainer


InLine Filters Medium Pressure

Hydraulic Filtration

Stainless Steel Electopolished Bag Filter with Sanitary Connections

Process, Liquid, Water Filtration

Flush Pump Group

Pumps & Pump Skids

Gas & Liquid Filter Skids & Vessels

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