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90% of diesel engine issues and downtime are the result of dirt and/or water contamination.  Contamination includes asphaltines, dirt, water, rust, microbial growth and products of oxidation and degradation.  

Diesel injector failures are due to particles as low as 4 micron.  Injector openings can be as low as 2 micron. Tier 4, High Pressure Common Rail, injection demands cleaner fluid to levels to ISO 12/9/6 at the injector.  

Proper fuel filtration and conditioning is essential for keeping fuel oil in pristine condition.

100 GPM Fuel Coalescing System

Our skid mounted fuel coalescing and filtration skid, for the removal of water and particulate from liquid fuels at flow rates up to 100 gpm @ 80 psi.  Our system utilizes a pre-filter to protect the life of the downstream coalescing .  These systems are designed to meet the application requirements for tier 4 fuel specifications.

Fuel Coalescing PID
Fuel Conditioning System
Fuel Conditioning System

Fuel Coalescing System Specifications

Flow Rates 5 – 1,000 GPM
Max Pressure 150 PSI
Material of Construction Carbon Steel
Contamination Monitoring  
Protective Cage  
Automatic Air Vent  
High Water Switch  
Automatic Water Drain  
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