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SC Industrial Sales offers rental filtration equipment strategically inventoried in Texas and the Northeast. Filtration equipment typically includes a pump/motor, filter vessel(s), control panel and instrumentation mounted on a portable base. Filtration equipment can be used to filter tanks, reservoirs and oil filled systems. Many units can be used for high velocity flushing.

Filtration and Flushing Equipment Filtration Equipment and Flushing systems are available from 5 GPM up to 2,000 GPM.  Larger systems include heaters, bag filter pre-filtration and post filtration.  Some include our ICM contamination monitor.  The LPA3 portable contamination monitor can also be used to check particulate and moisture levels in real time.
High Pressure Flushing and Filtration Equipment Variable Flow from 15 to 50 GPM @ 400 PSI
2 Qty. Pleated Micro-glass Cartridge Filters 
20 mesh basket Inlet Strainer (Cleanable)
Positive Displacement Gear Pump with Relief Valve Set @ 400 PSI
36 kW Oil Heater
Digital Temperature Control with Process and High Limit Thermocouples
480 V / 3 Phase Power – 60 FLA
Inlet 2” Female Camlock – Use Petroleum Transfer rated to 150 PSI
Outlet: 2 Qty. 1-1/2” Male JIC Fittings – Connect with 1-1/2” X 20’ (1000 PSI)
Minimum Rated Hydraulic Hoses with JIC Male / Female Connection.
One connected to system and one back to reservoir.



Electric and AODD pump options

Glycol Filtration Equipment
Vacuum Oil Purifier

We offer rental filtration equipment and filter vessels for filtering and conditioning diesel fuel, lube oils, hydraulic oil, transformer oil and other liquids.

Vacuum dehydrators for degassing transformers and removing water from transformers, lube oil reservoirs and hydraulic oil reservoirs.  

Additional Rental Equipment Includes:

Laser Particle Counter

LPA3-particle counter

LPA3 Contamination Monitor for bottle sampling and online up to 6,000 PSI.  Industry leading LED based light particle counting in sizes:  >4, >6, >14, >21, >25, >38, >50, >70 μm(c).

Reports in the following specifications:

ISO 4406:2017 Code 8 to 24
NAS 1638 Class 2 to 12
AS4059/ISO11218 Rev E, Table 1 Size Codes 2-12
AS4059/ISO11218 Rev E, Table 2 Size Codes, A:000 to 12, B:00 to 12, C:00 to 12, D:2 to 12, AS4059 Rev F, Table 1 Size Codes 2-12
AS4059 Rev F, Table 2 Size Codes, cpc[000 to 12, 00 to 12, 00 to 12, 2 to 12, 4 to 12, 7 to 12] GBT14039 Code 8 to 24
GJB420B Size Codes, A:000 to 12, B:00 to 12, C:00 to 12, D:2 to 12, E: 4 to 12,F: 7 to 12

Includes a moisture transmitter (%RH), temperature transmitter and incoming pressure transmitter; and onboard printer.


LPA-2 Laser Particle Counter

Rented by the week, the LPA2 is a highly precise, lightweight & fully portable twin laser particle counter suitable for on-site and laboratory applications.  It can automatically measure and display particulate contamination, moisture and temperature levels in various hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and dielectric mineral oils. It is a solution for online monitoring of contamination in your hydraulic fluid, providing an immediate hydraulic health check.

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