Industrial Filtration Equipment

Custom Fabricated Filtration from Steve Cook on Vimeo.

SC Industrial Sales specializes in custom filtration equipment solutions for industrial applications. Industrial filtration equipment is designed and built for removing various contaminants from water, oil, fuel and / or gas. Filtration solutions are typically skid mounted for ease of accessibility and placement. When required, controls can be added for monitoring process conditions and controlling the equipments’ operation.

Below are some examples of industrial filtration equipment, custom built to customers’ requirements. By using instock components, we can often build and ship within 2 weeks.

Water Filtration Skid

Water Filtration Skid

This system was assembled and shipped inside 2 weeks of order. This 30 GPM filtration skid was built for a local steel mill for filtering water in a pit. Featuring a self-priming pump, this system can be located above the tank, where water is pumped through the bag filter vessels and back to the tank. The inlet basket strainer protects the pump from larger particles.

Machine Tool Pump & Filter Skid

OEM Coolant Pump Filter Skid

Built for an OEM machine tool manufacturer, this system provides filtered coolant to a machine tool at the required pressure. An onboard relief valve allows for adjustment of pressure. Controls are by the machine tool’s control system.

Diesel Fuel Conditioning Skid

Fuel Filter Skid

This is part one of two of a fuel polishing / diesel fuel conditioning system built for emergency power. This modular system includes a separate pump skid package. This filter skid features a pre-filter vessel, for particulate removal, followed by a filter/separator vessel to coalesce water from diesel fuel.

MultiPlex Lube Oil Filter

Multiplex Lube Oil Filter

Using stock components this industrial filter skid was assembled and shipped in 10 days. This multiplex lube oil filter features three carbon steel filter vessels to accept 36″ pleated microglass filter elements. Inlet and outlet valves allow for constant filtration without having to shutdown to change filter elements. Filter vessels are taken offline one at a time when high differential pressures are seen.

Gas Turbine Natural Gas Filtration / Conditioning Skid

Natural Gas Conditioning Skid
Natural Gas Conditioning Skid

This natural gas conditioning skid removes moisture and particulate from fuel ahead of gas turbines. Featuring a knock out vessel, filter vessels and final filter/separator vessel, this skid can remove gross amounts of incoming contaminants to less than 1 micron, protecting important gas turbine components. These systems are designed to be installed in shipping containers and are ideal for portable power applications.

Compressor Oil Purifiers

Custom Vacuum Dehydrator

Designed to remove sour gasses and moisture from compressor oil, these systems are designed to continuously remove contaminants from compressor seal oil reservoirs. All stainless steel construction, explosion proof and high vacuum.

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