Oil Conditioning System

Removes water and particulate from small turbine / lube oil reservoirs

Small steam turbine oil reservoirs have a tendency to become contaminated with water and particulate.  Our compact turbine oil conditioner remove water by way of coalescing.  Coalescing is a mechanical means of removing water. 

The wet oil flows through a tight fiberglass media.  The fiberglass holds onto the small water droplets.  As water droplets collide they grow larger and fall to the bottom of the vessel.  A sight glass in the bottom of the vessel allows the operator to observe water inside.  The operator then uses a ball valve to drain the water out of the vessel.  The single coalescer/separator element includes a “green screen” layer that aids in shedding water and does not allow water to continue down stream.  

This 1 gpm turbine oil conditioner is sized for 120 gallon wet reservoirs and up to 300 gallon light to moderately wet reservoirs.  Additional filtration can be added to remove particulate contamination down to < ISO 16/13/11.


  • Sized for Small Turbine Oil Reservoirs
  • Compact Size
  • Rapid Water Removal
  • One Piece Coalescing Separator Element
  • Economical Compared to a Vacuum Dehydrator


  • Extend Oil Life
  • Reduce Bearing Failure
  • Minimize Unplanned Downtime
  • Extends Rotating Equipment Reliability
Oil Conditioning Systems’ Other Uses

The CF-1 oil conditioning system can be used in any light oil application where high water is prevalent, such as transformer oil, break fluid, test oil and hydraulic oils.  In the case of transformer or insulating oil, the CF-1 oil conditioning system can remove large quantities of water from pole mounted transformers or other outdoor, poorly sealed insulating oil apparatus.  

In manufacturing, the CF-1 oil conditioning system can be used to remove large amounts of water post, from part washing and post testing.  These processes can leave test oil heavily contaminated with moisture.  The CF-1 can be used to remove moisture quickly.


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