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Founded in 1964, MP Filtri is an Italian manufacturer of hydraulic and lubricating oil components.  MP Filtri invests considerable resources in research and development in order to bring cutting edge solutions to market.  Examples of their technological advances can be seen in MP Filtri’s superior contamination monitoring (particle counters) and filtration products.

MP Filtri manufacturing capabilities include their aluminum foundry, machining, plastic injection molding and filter element production.  Additionally, MP Filtri produces contamination monitoring products in the UK.  

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MP Filtri manufactures filter assemblies and filter elements for hydraulics.  These filtration products are also widely used in lubricating oil filtration applications.  Pressure filter elements are utilize micro glass fiber media rated at ß(c)≥1000 and tested in accordance with ISO16889.  Other medias include stainless steel mesh, zero spark discharge, cellulose and water absorptive.

Suction Filters & Strainers

suction filters and strainers

MP FIltri offers a complete line of suction filters for pump protection.  Suction strainers use a threaded end cap to screw onto the suction pipe.  Tank wall mount suction strainer include an anti-drain shut off valve to allow element change out without draining the tank.  

SFEX ELIXIR® SERIES is MP Filtri’s latest innovation.  This is a spin on type suction filter, but with a replacement element.  This reduces waste and is more economical and efficient when compared to traditional spin on filters.

Flow Rates up to 265 gpm (1,000 lpm)

Return Filters – Return/Suction Filters

Hydraulic Return Filters

Return filters remove contamination from fluid returning to the tank/reservoir.  Return filters aid in the prevention of wear particles exacerbating component failure.  Semi-immersed reduces aeration and foam of returning oil.  

Flow Rates up to 925 gpm (3,500 lpm) – Max Pressure:  290 psi (20 bar)

Return/Suction filters combine return and suction lines commonly used on hydrostatic transmissions on commercial vehicles, construction equipment, mobile hydraulics and agricultural equipment.

Flow Rates up to 66 gpm (250 lpm) – Max Pressure:  1,160 psi (80 bar)

Spin On Filters

Hydraulic Spin On Filters

Spin on filters are made of aluminum heads, with or without bypass valves.  Spin on filter media options include cellulose, wire mesh and absolute rated micro glass.  Spin on filters can be used for suction filters, return line or in-line for low and medium pressure applications up to 500 psi.  Single element and dual element configurations available.  

Flow Rates up to 100 gpm (365 lpm) – Max Pressure:  500 psi (35 bar)


Upgrade to Spin On Filters.  Serves as a direct replacement for MP Filtri spin on filters.  Suction, Return and Pressure Options.

Flow Rates up to 70 gpm (300lpm) – Max Pressure:  232 psi (16bar)



In-Line Filters (Low & Medium Pressure)

InLine Filters Medium Pressure

For applications up to 1,160 psi, In-Line filters are ideal for protecting bearings, valves and other hydraulic components on the pressure side.  Product offerings single element, duplex, manifold, multi-plex and high flow applications.

Flow Rates up to 1,189 gpm (4,500 lpm) – Max Pressure:  1,160 psi (80 bar)

In-Line Filters (High Pressure)

InLine Filters High Pressure

For applications up to 8,120 psi, In-Line filters are ideal for protecting  valves and other hydraulic components in high pressure applications.  Product offerings single element and duplex configurations.

Flow Rates up to 166 gpm (630 lpm) – Max Pressure:  8,122 psi (560 bar)

Manifold Filters (High Pressure)

Manifold Filters

For applications up to 8,120 psi, manifold filters are designed to withstand maximum pressure.  Featuring robust quality, fatigue rated filters are designed to perform under high working pressures and offer exceptional protection of sensitive downstream components. 

Flow Rates up to 145gpm (550lpm) – Max Pressure:  5,075 psi (350bar)


Stainless Steel Filters (High Pressure)

stainless steel filters

Stainless steel filters are used to protect hydraulic components in corrosive environments and/or aggressive fluids, such as offshore/marine and phosphate ester applications. 

Flow Rates up to 42 gpm (160 lpm) – Max Pressure:  14,504 psi (1,000 bar)

Portable Filtration

Mobile Filtration

Portable filtration incorporates an onboard pump/motor combination and are easily transported / wheeled around the plant for routine oil maintenance.  MP Filtri offers a handheld portable filter that can be used as a drum topper.  Typical flow rates up to 10 gpm.  Particle counters are often included to insure desired fluid cleanliness

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Contamination Monitoring Products


MP Filtri is a leader and innovator of industrial oil contamination monitoring products. Inline and portable contamination monitors utilize the latest LED based light extinction technology for fast and accurate report of oil condition.


LPA3-particle counter

The World`s most advanced portable Automatic Particle Counter. Featuring innovative optical and photodiode technology, the new LPA3 delivers a fast, accurate and comprehensive snapshot of your oil’s current condition.  The LPA3 reports particles, moisture, temperature and pressure.  Designed for online use, up to 420 bar, bottle samplers can be used in conjunction when necessary.  



ICM 2.0


The ICM 2.0 is an inline contamination monitor that is piped directly in hydraulic, lubricating and other pressurized fluid systems up to 420 bar.  The ICM 2.0 measures particulate, moisture and temperature.  The onboard screen communicates real time results.  Data output options include USB, RS485, MODBUS, CANBUS, 4-20mA analogue.  Includes alarm settings that can be programmed using free windows based software.

The ICM is offered on filter carts and mobile filtration.


ICM 4.0

ICM 4.0

The ICM 4.0 is a wifi enabled inline contamination monitor.  Additional outputs include  Modbus, Canbus, 4-20mA signal and switched alarm relay outputs



The AZ2 inline contamination monitor uses the same ICM technology and is used in explosion proof environments. 

Area clarification:  ATEX zone II Cat. 3G

Bottle Samplers

Bottle Sampler

Bottle samplers are typically used in conjunction with the LPA3 when online sampling is not possible.  Bottle samplers are available in 110 ml and 500 ml sizes.


CMP Accessories

CMP Accessories

Accessories include options to connect ICM to USB or Ethernet, flow control, bottles, hoses and sample ports.


Tank Accessories

Tank Accessories

MP Filtri manufactures a full line of accessories to help to trim out hydraulic and lube oil tanks, including breather filters, filler and breather filters, filler caps, visual and electrical level indicators, pressure gauges selectors, flanges for fixing the oil tubes on the tank cover and inspection doors.

Hydraulic Tank Accessories Catalog

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