GRF Filter Cart Stock List

Filter carts are in stock for immediate shipment.  Please confirm prior to ordering.  Subject to prior sale.

Most stock filter carts include an ICM contamination monitor.

Filter Cart Inventory List

Date:  11/17/2023

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Filter Carts with Integrated Particle Monitors

Know when your oil is clean, and dry, with an onboard particle monitor.  The ICM Contamination Monitor is highly reliable and easy to use.  Easily programmable using software and usb connection.  Program your contamination monitor to change colors based on ISO Cleanliness Code (or NAS).  Data can be outputted by USB or Wifi.  If water is a concern, moisture sensor reads out in percent of relative humanity (%RH).  

These carts can be configured with particulate removal and water removal options.  Common configurations are in stock for immediate shipment.

Filter Cart with ICM Particle Counter