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Vacuum Dehydrators


Vacuum dehydration oil purifier to remove free, emulsified and dis­solved water from transformer, insulating, lubricating, hydraulic and industrial oils and fluids.  Systems feature stain­less steel vacuum chambers and condensate tanks.  Components are piped together using stainless steel hydraulic tubing for leak-free service. 


Transformer Oil Purifiers

Easy to use. Transformer oil purifiers /Industrial Filtration Systems are used to remove emulsified and dissolved moisture to as low as 5 ppm. Designed for unattended operation. Reduces Dissolved Gas to <0.15%. Increases Dielectric Breakdown Voltage to >70 kV.  Many options are available, including:

  • High Vacuum Roots Blower Package
  • Fullers Earth for Reducing Total Acid Number (TAN)
  • Cargo Trailer
  • Flatbed Trailer
  • Cargo Container
  • Oxidation Inhibitor Injection System
  • Moisture Monitor
  • Dry Air Package
  • Particle Counter
  • Hose Reels
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
Mobile Oil Purifier

The Mobile Oil Purifiers are typically used for purifying lube, hydraulic and insulating oils at power plants, substations, refineries and large industrial plants.  These systems are used to restore oil to better than new condition, including dehydrate, degas, filter, correct TAN and restore dielectric strength. Numerous options are available to suite many oil purification applications.

Kidney Loop Filter Systems

Kidney Loop Industrial Filtration Systems are intended for permanent installation on oil reservoirs for the continuous removal of particulate contamination. Options include depth filtration, water absorptive media and heat. These systems are commonly used on governor oil sumps at hydroelectric dams.

Fuel /Oil Conditioning Systems


Fuel Conditioning Industrial Filtration Systems remove water and particulate for diesel fuel and other light hydrocarbons. Typical systems include a filter/separator for coalescing water out of the fuel and a filter for particulate removal. A water probe in the coalescing vessel alerts the operator to drain water from the vessel.

Oil Flushing Services

High Velocity Oil Flushing Equipment

High Velocity Oil Flushing Skids

High Velocity Lube Oil Flushing (HVOF)

HVOF can help you meet stringent cleanliness levels for your lube oil circulating systems (steam or gas turbines, compressors, stationary engines, etc.) during routine maintenance, turnarounds, new equipment commissioning, emergency or catastrophic failures.

Fuel and Oil Transfer Filter Skids


These systems are ideal for transferring and filtering oils and fuels. These Industrial Filtration Systems feature pump/motor, filter vessel, hose reels and control panel. Pipes and valves can be configured to reverse flow so the operator can transfer to and from tanks without disconnecting the hose.

Filter Carts & Portable Oil Filtration

Filter Cart

We manufacture several styles of filter carts. Our heavy duty industrial series features a robust carbon steel filter housing with swing bolt closure and a high dirt holding coreless micro¬glass filter element with internal 50 PSID bypass valve. Our light duty series is built on a hand truck with spin on filters. Both feature and on/off switch, DP gauge, hoses and power cord.


Custom Built Systems

Water Filtration Skid

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