Are you seeking efficient filtration solutions for your cryogenic process applications? Look no further! At SC Industrial Sales, we offer specialized filtration solutions that can withstand high pressures and low temperatures. We are your trusted partner in providing the right filtration systems that meet your specific needs. Let’s grow together!

Cryogenic filtration is a process that separates components of a mixture at very low temperatures. The selection of materials used in the process is crucial for its success. The extreme temperatures and conditions require materials that can withstand the cold and not break down or contaminate the mixture being filtered.

Experience in material selection is necessary for cryogenic filtration because different materials have different properties and behaviors at low temperatures. For example, some materials may become brittle and break, while others may expand or contract. Certain materials may also react with the mixture being filtered, leading to contamination or other issues.

To ensure the success of cryogenic filtration, it is important to choose materials that are compatible with the mixture being filtered and that can withstand the low temperatures. Experienced professionals in cryogenic filtration can help select the appropriate materials and ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our Product Range

We offer a wide range of filters, each designed to withstand high pressures up to 6,000 PSI and low temperatures down to -320°F (-195°C). Our selection includes:

31 Series In-line Filters

Our 31 Series In-line Filters are designed for high-efficiency filtration under extreme conditions. These filters can easily be integrated into your existing system, offering superior performance and longevity.

51 Series Tee Type Filters

The 51 Series Tee Type Filters are a robust solution for high-pressure applications. They provide excellent filtration while maintaining the flow and integrity of your system.

21 Series Mini In-line Filters

The 21 Series Mini In-line Filters are compact yet powerful filtration solutions. Despite their small size, these filters provide high efficiency and can withstand extreme conditions.


Our Expertise and Commitment

At SC Industrial Sales, we are experts in cryogenic process applications. We understand the unique challenges that come with handling high pressures and low temperatures. That’s why we offer a range of filtration solutions tailored to these specific needs.

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