Water Filtration Skid

We received a request from a steel mill customer for a water filtration skid.  Short lead time was important for the project.  Using stock components, Pro-Filtration was able to deliver within 3 weeks.  The water filtration skid was needed to filter particulate out of a pit.  The water filtration skid features a self-priming centrifugal pump capable of lifting the water.  Major components include a basket strainer on pump suction for pump protection, (2) #2 stainless steel bag filter housings, piped off a “tee”, high capacity string wound filter inserts for maximum solid retention and check valves to prevent backflow into the filter housings.  All components were piped using stainless steel piping.  All components were piped together using flanges for ease of maintenance.  The pump’s motor is wired to a simple motor/starter with overload.  

Water Filtration Skid

Self Priming Self-Priming Centrifugal pump designed for industrial and commercial applications requiring high volume liquid transfer, waste water drainage and processing. Pump is a self-cleaning clog resistant impeller capable of handling up to 3/8″ diameter semisolids. Built-in flapper/check valve enables consistent self-priming to 20 feet. Dual volute design reduces radial load on motor. Stainless steel models are especially effective in applications where rust and/or corrosion can develop in systems and are highly resistant to erosion and chemicals.

Pump specified to deliver 40 GPM @ 35 PSI.  Click here to see additional pump options.

  • 300 Series Investment Cast Stainless Steel Construction with Viton® Seals
  • Cast Iron Construction with Buna-N Seals
  • Optional Silicon Carbide Seals Available
  • 2˝ NPT Port Size
  • Maximum Temperature
  • Cast Iron 180° F
  • Self-Priming up to 20 Feet with Built-in Check Valve
  • Self-Cleaning, Clog Resistant Impeller
  • 1-1/2 to 3 HP Single or Three Phase 3450 RPM Motors

The bag filter housings are CSD L0801303L020N1/2B4-5/8, 2″ npt, side in-bottom/side out, 150 psi design pressure, 304 Stainless Steel.  Click here to see more filter vessel options.

The filter inserts are:

Bullet Series

Bag Replacement Filters


Our Bag Replacement Filter (Bullet Series) has changed the way that bag filtration vessels are viewed and used. These filters utilize a proprietary string winding approach to create layers of filtration 1.5” deep. This approach traps and removes a larger volume of particles and contaminants than bags/socks. In some applications customers have captured as much as 15 pounds of particulates. Gone are the days of replacing and disposing of bags/socks multiple times per day or week and sketchy performance in capture.
These filters are a direct replacement to #2 filter bags and fit directly into all major manufacturer baskets.

These type of water filtration skids are easily customizable to your application.  Contact us and let us design one for you.


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