Varnish Removal Solutions

MPC Results

Our Varnish Absorption Technology is Resin Based Polar Attracting Technology™ – Patent Pending.  Our 10 GPM VAS System is designed for reservoirs up 2000 to gallons. System has a Dual Varnish Adsorptive Housing – 20” diameter X 40” Long, followed by a 640 Series Pleated Micro-glass Filter Housing.

Two Varnish Removal Elements with 2,000 Gallons of Turbine Oil, are designed to lower varnish MPC Values from MPC=42 to <25MPC. Two more elements may be required to bring down to <15 MPC.  Note In many applications where water is greater than 500 PPM, a Vacuum Oil Purifier is required to lower dissolved water to less than 100 PPM.

Our varnish removal systems can be added to our vacuum dehydration skid for a complete oil purification solutions.


Fluitec provides leading edge technologies and expertise to maximize asset life by improving lubricant performance and plant reliability. There are three core varnish removal solutions / technologies in the fields of Fluid Enhancement, Contamination Control and Condition Monitoring.

Fluitec’s flagship product is the RULER™, a patented technology to determine the remaining useful life of lubricants. Fluitec has developed the industry’s leading, patent-pending lubricant varnish and deposit mitigation
technology called Electrophysical Separation Process™ (ESP). Fluitec has also developed Boost, proprietary, customized blends that use chemistry to improve the performance and increase the life of in-service lubricant.


All oils eventually fail due to oxidation. In many applications such as turbines, hydraulics, compressors and aerospace, oxidation is the primary mode of failure. The common result of oil and fluid failure is varnish.

Fluitec has developed industry leading test methods that are critical for
monitoring the health of your fluid. These Fluitec test methods are ASTM
approved and coupled with other routine tests allow you to monitor your fluids.

Our tests help optimize the usage of Fluitec’s Contamination Control
and Fluid Enhancement technologies to maintain a Fill-for-Life program.


Remaining Useful Life (RUL) – measures the remaining active antioxidants in lubricants.


Membrane Patch Colorimetry – Measures the Varnish Potential of oil

CONTAMINATION CONTROL (Varnish Removal Solutions)

Fluitec’ s contamination control portfolio covers a number of
critical contamination issues
encompassing oil degradation products, varnish, water, acidity, dissolved metals, and particulates. Our technologies are recommended by major OEMs, such as Siemens, Solar


ESP Electrophysical Separation Process is a patent-pending lubricant varnish and deposit mitigation technology using chemical filtration


Latin for “Life”, VITA uses our ESP, ENDURE and Depth media technology to bring life back to your oils and phosphate ester hydraulic fluids


Removes all phosphate ester fluid degradation products, such as acids, gels and varnish


Prevents Electrostatic Spark Discharge in your oil and filters


Prevents contamination ingression and removes moisture in EHC systems, phosphate ester reservoirs and other similar systems.

The reliable operation of our turbines and compressors is of critical importance to Siemens. Providing our customers with Fluitec’s ESP technology allows them to extend the life of their lubricant assets while improving plant efficiencies and uptime.



Boost AO
Range of customized chemistries to extend oil life through antioxidant replenishment

Boost VR
Risk-free way of removing varnish deposits from your system.

Breeze 320
Fill-for-Life wind turbine gear oil

Decon – Varnish Removal Chemistry

DECON is a blend of specialized synthetic API Group V chemistries. In addition to having outstanding solubility characteristics, it also has:
• Superior seal compatibility compared to mineral oil (change of mass, change of volume, change of modulus, change of strength)
• Excellent oxidation stability and deposit control characteristics
• No adverse impact on the in-service oil’s performance (i.e. air release, foam, Demulsibility, etc.)