Vacuum Dehydrators

Vacuum Chamber and Control Panel
  • Removes Free, Emulsified and Dissolved Water
  • Removes Moisture to <50 ppm (mulitple passses)
  • Removes Light End Volatiles
  • Removes Entrained Air and Gases
  • Filtration Options to Remove Particulate to ISO 15/13/10 or Better
  • Easy to Use
  • Industrial Design
  • Mobile Options

Vacuum Dehydrators are primarily used to remove moisture (water), gasses and light hydrocarbons from industrial lubricants and insulating oils.  Vacuum dehydrators are also used to deaerate oils.  Common systems include filter vessels for particulate removal.  Pro-Filtration offers many options to fit the customers’ needs and requirements.

ProVac Vacuum Dehydrator

Common Uses

  • Power Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Paper Mills 
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Injection Molding
  • Turbine Lube Oil
  • Morgoil
  • Paper Machine Oils
  • Lubricating Oils
  • Transformer Oils
  • Oil Recycling

Pro-Filtration ProVac Series utilizes very large vacuum chambers and permanent dispersal media to maximize surface area and exposure times to vacuum conditions.  This translates into maximized per pass removal efficiencies.

ProVac offers several vacuum options, including rotary claw, rotary vane and liquid ring.

These systems are intended for high rates of water ingression and fast removal of moisture.  And, are designed for harsh industrial conditions.  Controls are simple, easy to use and not overbearing, for efficient 24/7 unattended operation.  

The two stage condensate tank system allows for the vacuum dehydrator to continue processing oil, and not shutdown, while water is draining.

Flanged Components

Components are flanged whenever possible for ease of maintenance, removal and/or replacement.  

The ProVac is layed out so that the operator can get all information on the system’s operation from one location.  The PLC allows for easy to use, 24/7, unattended operation.  The operator interface terminal provides system operation details and adjustment.  The oil pump(s) are on variable frequency drives (VFD’s) with speed control on the control panel.  The operator can easily see oil level in the vacuum chamber and adjust oil flow from a single location.  The gauge panel is located in the same area for vacuum chamber and system pressure readings. Vacuum adjust is located in the same area as well.

POP3 – Portable Oil Purifier

Portable Oil Purifier

The ProVac POP3 – Portable Oil Purifier- Series

Offers an economical means of removing water, moisture, gasses and particulate from small lubrication oil reservoirs, transformers and switch gears.  Systems are typically sized at 3 gallons per minute and are intended for reservoir sizes up to 800 gallons.  

Systems are available to process oils up to ISO 680.  

Single and three phase voltages are available.


Mobility Options

Pro-Filtration Trailers
Cargo Trailer
53′ Custom Trailer