Vacuum Dehydrator Repair & Upgrade Services

We offer repair & upgrade services for all vacuum dehydrator manufacturers, including Gulfgate Equipment, Gulfgate Engineering, Henek, Oil Filtration Systems (OFS), Globecore and more.  Our decades of experience specializing in vacuum dehydration can transform your tired, broken down vacuum dehydrator into a state of the art workhorse, removing moisture, dissolved gasses and particulate from your lubricating, hydraulic or insulating oil.

Here are some examples of modifications we can make on your Gulfgate or Henek vacuum dehydrator.

Gulfgate Engineering and Gulfgate Equipment systems were built decades ago.  They have antiquated electrical controls, in today’s standards, that are safety hazards.  For instance, the oil heating systems have minimal fail safe to prevent heater meltdown and possible oil fire. Our rebuilt vacuum dehydrators have superior backup safety systems on both electrical and mechanical sides.

We simplify their design and add an inlet #2 Bag Filter and permanent dispersion elements within the vacuum tower and have changed many systems from Water Miser and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps to Rotary Claw or Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps. No more changes of coalescer elements that are
prone to fouling and have difficulty with high viscosity oil conditions.

Gulfgate / Henek systems are very difficult to trouble shoot and require you to be all 4 sides of the system in order to understand system status. 

Gulfgate Before

Once rebuilt, you can fully understand system operation from a front view. The operator has access to the vacuum chamber, control panel and water condensate tank from a single position.

Gulfgate After

We’ve moved the temperature controllers from inside the control panel to outside for ease of use and safety.  The addition of the oil float switch offers another layer of safety in that the system will not allow the heaters to engage until the complete oil heater system is full.  The vacuum adjust valve is in front so the operator can visually observe the interior of the vacuum chamber and vacuum gauge while adjusting vacuum level.  



Gulfgate Vacuum Dehydrator Upgrades

Components are relocated to create a modern design for safety, simplicity of operation, and greater water and particulate removal


We offer rentals so you can continue operate while your systems are being upgraded. Check out our rental options.

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