Transformer Oil Transfer & Filter Cart

Transformer Oil Filter Cart

The SC Industrial Sales Transformer Oil Transfer & Filter Cart features a 4-Way transfer valve that allows the operator to reverse flow direction without disconnecting the hose. This is a great solution for transformer maintenance personnel who pump oil from and from a tank or transformer on a regular basis. The hoses can stay connected and flow is reversed by turning the valve to the proper position.

This heavy duty oil transfer and filter cart has a variable frequency drive for pump/motor speed control. The VFD is conveniently located at the back of the filter cart. The outlet flow meter is used to show flow rate and total gallons pumped.

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The filter vessel is heavy duty industrial carbon steel construction with swing bolt lid closure for top loading filter changes. Filter elements are available to remove carbon, moisture and lower acidity.

Oil is pumped by way of a heavy duty gear pump with internal relief valve. A Y strainer is included on the pump suction for protection against damaging solids.

Camlocks on inlet and outlet can be adapted to customers’ standard hoses. Several hose options are available.

Other options include inline contamination monitor to provide real time particle counts and moisture levels.

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