Transformer Oil Purifier

10 GPM Variable Flow Rate – Degassing and Dehydration

We have a 10 GPM transformer oil purifier, used for degassing, removing moisture and filtering, for sale and rent.  This transformer oil purifier is light weight and compact for easy transport.  If you are looking for a small compact unit for pad mount transformers and/or tight spaces, this is an ideal system.  

Transformer Oil Purifier

Benefits include:

  • Backing pump with Booster for high vacuum purifying
  • Auxiliary Vacuum Connection for drying out transformers
  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Tower, Collection Sump, Heater Housing and Piping
  • Digital Vacuum Gauge
  • Digital Water Meter
  • Variable Speed Oil Pump
  • Light Weight and Compact
  • Proven Reliability with over 35 Years of experience
  • Streamlined, safe, quiet and dependable operation
  • Easy to use
  • NEMA 4 Control Panel

High Vacuum Oil Purifier


Flow Rate:           10 GPM (Variable, 3-10 GPM)

Voltage:               480V/3 Phase – 60 FLA

Control Panel:   NEMA 4

Heat:                     36 kW

Vacuum Pump: 40 cfm Vane w/ 200 cfm Booster


Oil:                         1-1/2” Camlock

Vacuum:              2” Aux. Vacuum

MOC:                    304LSS Vacuum Tower, Oil Carryover Tank, Heater Housing, Piping

Filtration:             6×18; 1 micron

Vacuum Gauge: Absolute Torr, Digital

Water Sensor:   PPM, Digital

Dimensions:       48″ Depth X 68″ Width X 85″ Height

Weight:                2,190 LBS

With the higher cost for oils and ever increasing environmental regulation and liability, it is no longer economical to replace electrical insulating oils to renew their dielectric strength. Restoring these oils to their original strength through purification is now a necessity. SC Industrial Sales High Vacuum (Hi-Vac) Oil Purification Systems are designed specifically to meet the operational, economic and environmental needs of industry in purifying insulating oils. Through proven dehydration, degasification, and filtration techniques, SC Industrial Sales Hi-Vac Transformer Oil Purifier quickly and easily remove:

  • Free and emulsified water to less than 10 ppm
  • Free and dissolved air and gases to 0.25% of total gas content
  • Particulate matter to 0.5 microns nominal (1 microns absolute)

Before / After Results:

Transformer Oil

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