Transformer Oil Purifier

Transformer Oil Purifier

Transformer Oil Purifiers remove dissolved gasses, moisture and particulate for transformer and other insulating oils. Our systems utilize permanent stainless steel vacuum chamber dispersal media that is highly effective at exposing the oil to vacuum conditions and reduces foaming. Our high efficiency filter media removes carbon and other particulate. The vacuum tower, water sump, heater housing and piping is 304L Stainless Steel.

Wind Farm Pad Mount Transformer Oil Purifier

These systems are ideal for service work. They are light weight and easy to move around yet highly effective at removing moisture, gasses and particulate.

Vacuum pump options include two stage rotary vane vacuum pump or single stage vacuum pump with booster pump. The single pump systems are economical and best for degassing and dehydrating only. The two stage vacuum system is best for applications where more flow rate is needed, such as pulling vacuum on a transformer.

Oil pumps are designed to pump against high vacuum conditions. Oil pump flow rates are adjustable via Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Sample specifications are as follows:

Flow Rate:           10 GPM (Variable, 3-10 GPM)

Voltage:               480V/3 Phase – 60 FLA

Control Panel:   NEMA 4

Heat:                     36 kW

Vacuum Pump: 40 cfm Vane w/ 200 cfm Booster


Oil:                         1-1/2” Camlock

Vacuum:              2” Valved Vacuum

MOC:                    304LSS Vacuum Tower, Oil Carryover Tank, Heater Housing, Piping

Filtration:             6×18; 1 micron

Vacuum Gauge: Absolute Torr, Digital

Water Sensor:   PPM, Digital

Dimensions:       48″ Depth X 68″ Width X 85″ Height

Weight:                2,190 LBS

2 GPM Insulating Oil Purifier and Filling System

2 GPM TOP & Tote

Ideal for OEM applications where oil needs to be free of moisture, gasses and particulate.  The purifier processes oil in the tote, maintaining cleanliness.  Oil can be pumped to electrical apparatus on demand.  Condition monitoring is available so operators can be certain of oil cleanliness prior to filling electrical equipment, transformers, switch gears, etc.

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