Transformer Oil Filtration System

This transformer oil filtration system was designed to remove water and particulate by way of large diameter water absorptive filter elements.  This system was designed to be installed on the customer’s truck chassis and operate off of the onboard hydraulic system.  The onboard 1,000 gallon tank allows for kidney loop filtration of the transformer oil. 

These systems are commonly referred to as dryout systems.  Vacuum dehydration is commonly used to remove water from transformer oil.  However, dryout systems use water absorptive media as a means to remove moisture.  Dryout systems are an economical means of keeping transformer oil dry and free of carbon fines.

The piping manifold system allows for the operator to pull suction from the hose reel or tank.  Additionally, the transformer oil can be pumped to the hose reel or tank.  The piping manifold is simple and easy to understand.  

Transformer Oil Filtration SystemTransformer Oil Kidney Loop Filter SkidTransformer Oil Kidney Loop Filter Skid

This system’s main components include a 50 GPM gear pump, 2″ piping.  Most components are flanged for ease of maintenance.  A large diameter filter vessel that includes 8″ diameter (AC815 OR AC829) water absorptive filter media and particulate removal to 0.5 micron.  The filter vessel includes a differential pressure gauge to indicate filter life.  An outlet pump pressure gauge shows system pressure.  Hose reels (retractable) include 50′ of 2″ hose.  A grounding wire reel is also included.

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