TM2500 Diesel Fuel Suction Heater

Suction heater is sized for 80 GPM service to heat #2 diesel fuel for TM2500 gas turbines.  The system features two power inputs, heater selector switches, power on lights, digital temperature controllers, low flow warning light and high heat warning lights.


Flow switches de-energize heaters in loss of flow conditions.

Total heat is 192 kW.


This heater skid is sized to service two TM2500 gas turbines.  Fuel supply is 40 GPM each.  

Connections are 3″ 150#.  Valves are included to regulate flow through each section.  

Heater skids can be used for transformer oil, insulating oil, lubricating oil, gear oils and more.  Add ons include strainers, filters, pumps and many other custom requirements.  Transformer oil heater skids are commonly used for cold environments when expedited oil heating is required.  

Panels are available in weatherproof or explosion proof designs. 

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