String Wound Bag Filter Insert

 Several months ago we blogged about our bag filter cartridge filter options, bag filter update.   We have been receiving positive feedback specifically with our string wound filter inserts for bag filter vessels.  These filter elements have been performing very well in fracking, filtering produced water.  

Produced Water Filtration

These filter elements are holding a tremendous amount of solids and lasting much longer than anyone anticipated.  We are now starting to employ these bag filter replacement filter elements in high silt and algae applications.

Another use we expect to see favorable results is diesel filtration ahead of gas turbines, especially in areas of the world where fuel is laden with soft particulates, asphaltenes, and alike.  It is common for gas turbine projects utilizing GE’s TM2500 to specify fuel filtration in order to remove water and solid contamination to the OEM specification.  These bag filter inserts are an excellent first line of defense due to their ability to hold large volumes of soft contamination.  We would then follow with water removal, via centrifuge or filter/separator vessel and microglass filter elements.  We will offer more in depth fuel filter solutions in future blog posts.

Many times short bag filter life is due to “painting” of the media.  Basically you won’t see any solid build up in the filter bag and you will notice discoloration on the surface of the media.  This sort of ineffective filtration is a major labor cost.  Often times customers just look at the cost of the bag and not the associated shipping and labor costs.  Once you add all those costs up, our string wound bag filter insert solutions looks pretty attractive. 

 If you are experiencing short bag filter life, give these string wound bag filter insert elements a try.  They are designed to fit into standard #2 bag filter baskets.  They include a top seal for proper sealing.  

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