Stock Filter Separator Vessels

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This filter/separator vessel was designed for aviation jet fuels, but can be used for other fuels and oils simply by changing the elements. The filter separator contains two stages of filtration. The first stage contains three coalescing elements that remove particulate and water. The second stage is a green screen, that is cleanable. Its function is to collect water droplets and direct them to the sump (by gravity).

The filter separator vessel includes a differential pressure gauge, sight glass for visual indication of water in the vessel and a manual drain valve to drain water out of the vessel.

This aluminum vessel is light weight and mounted to an aluminum frame.

Jet Fuel Flow Rate125 GPM
Kerosene Flow Rate200 GPM
Gasoline Flow Rate260 GPM
Diesel Fuel Flow Rate100-135 GPM
Insulating Oil Flow Rate25 GPM
Turbine Oil Flow Rate10-15 GPM
Max. Working Pressure100 PSI
Inlet Connection2″ Camlock
Outlet Connections2″ Camlock
Turbine Oil / Diesel Fuel Rental Coalescing / Filtration Skid
Turbine Oil Coalescer