Spin On Filter Conversion Kit

Spin on filters are a popular choice for filtration as they are believed to be a low cost alternative to buying a filter housing. However, spin on filters are more expensive as they often are low in surface area and you are throwing the housing away everytime the filter gets changed.

Spin on filter also offer opportunities for bypass. According to a recent Chase Filter press release:

After numerous tests had yielded the same results, our theory is that under certain flow conditions, temperature and viscosity will cause the coil spring to compress more than intended, therefor allowing the anti – drainback valve, which is merely a rubber gasket, to separate from the baseplate allowing a flow path for non-filtered fluid to bypass the element and flow downstream.”
*Due to different system setups, customer results may vary.

Chase Filter 17E Spin On Filter Conversion Kit

The Chase Filter 17E Spin On Filter Conversion kit upgrades existing spin on filter heads to filter housings, offering higher filtration efficiencies and longer filter life. The process is simple and painless. The result is cleaner oil and lower filter cost.

The existing filter head stays in place. The adapter spins onto the head, the filter element and bowl are attached to the bottom cap. THAT’S IT. SIMPLE. Now all you have to do is buy the replacement filter element that is less expensive than the replacement spin on filter.

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