Small Batch Oil Purifier

Oil purifier ideal for in plant recycling of hydraulic, lube or transformer oils


We have designed and built a vacuum dehydration oil purification system that will purify oil contaminated with moisture, gasses and particulate.  This oil purifier automatically takes oil from the dirty source, such as drums, totes or a storage tank, filters and purifies the oil, then pumps it into a clean source.


A positive displacement gear pump pulls the oil into the oil purifier through a bag filter vessel that contains a magnetic insert, that will remove any ferrous metal chips and/or large particulate.  The oil is pumped into an onboard processing tank.  Once full, the system automatically goes into process mode.

Oil is pulled from the process tank, through a low watt density oil heater and into the vacuum chamber through dispersal media that creates a large surface area.  The contaminated oil is heated and exposed to vacuum, thus removing moisture, gasses, light ends and other volatiles.  Dry oil is pumped through a ßx(c)=1000 micro-glass filter element in order to achieve desired oil cleanliness, and returned to the process tank.

The oil purifier continues in this kidney loop filtration fashion.  A laser particle monitor constantly analyzes the oil cleanliness process.  Once the desired ISO cleanliness codes are achieved the purifier automatically transfers the clean/dry oil to clean oil storage.


Once the process tank is pumped down, the system then automatically starts over, pulling in a new batch of contaminated oil.  The system will repeat until the dirty oil supply is exhausted or the clean storage is full.  We can adjust level switch input/outputs to customers’ individual requirements.


Manufacturing Plants

Hydraulic Presses

Automotive Manufacturing

Injection Molding Plants


Steel Mills

Chemical Plants


Transformer Oil Recycling

Oil Recycling

Oil Jobbers


Types of Fluids:

Transformer Oil

Hydraulic Oil

Lubricating Oil

Quench Oil

Machining Oil


Phosphate Ester

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