Resin Bonded Filters


For filtering paints, coating, adhesives, sealants and other high viscosity liquids, there is no cartridge filter that performs better than Resin Bonded Filters. Manufactures and distributors have been scrambling recently to find a suitable replacement for these hard to find cartridges.

We offer replacements for Parker ProBond, Global GRU-V, 3M Micro-Klean RB Series and others.

Resin Bonded Filters are excellent for high viscosity applications. Fixed groove outer layer maximizes surface area while the graded porosity maximizes contaminant holding capacity.

• Coatings
• Cutting Fluid
• Paints
• Solvents
• Grease
• Inks
• Plasticizers
• Lubrication Oils
• Adhesives
• Waxes
• Gear Box Oils
• Resins
• Process Water
• Ethylene Glycol
• Emulsions
• Clearcoat
• Petroleum Products

Micron efficiencies available from 5 micron to 150 micron. Standard lengths range from 9.75″ to 40″. End treatments include 222 O-Ring with Fin, core extender, single open end with spring.

Resin Bonded Filter Construction options include acrylic/phenolic resin and polyester/acrylic with phenolic resin.

Common Parker Part Numbers replaced are:



Here is a sample of part numbers we can offer replacements for:

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