Replacement Pall FSI Bag Filters

We offer replacement filter bags to fit in Pall / FSI and Global filter housings.  Listed here are the standard FSI Polyloc flange and welded seams.  Polypropylene bags are glazed finish.  Polyester are singed finish.  We offer replacement for:

PONG / PENG:  Standard Felt Bags

POEX / PEEX:  Extended Filter Life Bags

NMO / PEM / PMO:  Mesh Filter Bags

POMF:  Microfiber Filter Bags

BOS:  Seamless Bags

Vorex / CMMF:  Depth Melt Blown Coreless Cartridges

FSI 1 2 Polyloc
Replacement Polyloc Flange

Cross Reference

Standard Felt – Trade Size 1 & 2
Also available(not listed below) trade sizes:  3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9

We replace baskets of all types