Replacement Options Parker Hydraulic Filters

Many manufacturers have struggled recently keeping up with demand and shipping product in a timely manner.  Parker being one of them.  We offer replacement options for Parker Filtration and Parker Hydraulic Filters.  

LMP 950-951 Replaces Parker IL8

Parker IL8 Medium Pressure Filter assembly is typically used for higher flow rate applications, up to 150 GPM.   Our LMP 950-951 Series is typically in stock and performs the same or better.  Flange connections up to 4″.  Pressure rating is 435 PSI (30 BAR).  These can be used in high flow lube oil and hydraulic oil applications.

For higher flow rates, up to 635 gpm,  we can manifold several together.

LMP 400 / LMP 401 Replaces Parker 15 / 30 /80CN Series

The Parker 80CN series filter has been extremely difficult to source in recent months.  We offer a viable replacement.  Stock options are available with many more coming in.  For example, part number LMP4003BVG5A03NP01; FILTER ASSEMBLY, SAE 24, VITON, 3 UM ABS 50 PSI BYPSS is a viable replacement for the Parker 80CN202QEVPKS244.

LMP400 Group

Replacements for Adhesive Applications

We offer both cast and machined options for adhesive filtration.  Adhesive is extremely viscous and is usually filtered with a wire mesh element.  Pressure ratings up to 6,175 psi.  These filters can be used in high pressure applications.


51 Series Filter

Please contact us with your Parker Housing part number we will cross it for you.

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