Replacement Filters

Filter Group
String wound bag filter element
Resin Bonded Cartridges
Filter Group
Replacement Lube, Fuel & Hydraulic Filter Elements
Resin Bonded Cartridges
Resin Bonded Cartridge Filters

Replaces Parker ProBond, 3M (Cuno) Micro-Klean and Global GRB Series

Non-Spark Discharge Filters
Non-Spark Discharge Filters

Spark discharge in filter elements is a common problem in gas turbine lube oil applications. However it can manifest itself

Parker 40CN with Non-Spark Media
CFCE-27177 Full Horizontal View
Hydraulic Spin On Filters
Sock Depth Filters
Sock Depth Filters

Sock Depth Filters are used to filter various contaminants from fuels, gasses, amines, lubricating oils and other liquids. The densely

Filter Socks
Filter Socks

Filter socks are a common term for replacement bag filters or filter bags. These are all commonly used terms for

Standard Felt Filter Bags
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Coalescers & Separator Filter Elements

Offering a large cross reference of fuel coalescing and separator elements.  Including Kaydon, Facet, Velcon and more.

Coalescers Separators

Gardner Denver Compressor Lube Oil Filter Replacements


Metsorb Filter Cartridge

Metsorb adsorptive filter cartridges are used for low flow rate absorption of arsenic and heavy metals.  2½” x 20″ filter cartridge will flow approximately 1/2 LPM. 

Norman and 3B Cross Reference

Chase manufactures same form fit and function to many Norman Filter products.  We offer a large Norman cross reference capability, fast response and quick ship. 

Resin Bonded Filter Cartridges

String Wound Filters

We offer the largest selection of string wound filters. In addition to standard 2-1/2″ OD, we offer Big Blue sizes, 6″ OD, High Flow and Bag Filter inserts.

String Wound Filter

String Wound Bag Filter Element

String Wound Filter Cartridges

High Flow Wound Filter Elements

Gas Filter & Coalescing Elements

Gas Filtering and Coalescing Elements

Large cross referencing for existing vessels. And, engineering to improve process conditions as well as new vessel applications

High Dirt and High Efficiency Coalescing Depth Filtration

Large cross reference to replace PECO Peach and Peco Gemini PuraSep. Depth filtration for gas filtering, coalescing and liquid applications


Tri-Shield Gas Cartridge

Spin On Filters

Spin On Filter

Large cross referencing for industrial spin on filters including Pall, Parker and more. Online store for instant ordering.

Desiccant Air Breathers

Power Breathers

Protect lube oil and hydraulic oi reservoirs from moisture ingression. Keep moisture out of transformer oil and insulating oil tanks.

Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters

HEPA Filters

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