Coolant Pumps

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Vertical Sealless Sprayer/Washer Pumps

• Cast Iron Construction with 300 Series Investment Cast Stainless Steel Impeller
• Stainless Steel Pump Shaft
• No Bottom Bearing!
• Dual Volute Design Reduces Radial Load on Motor
• Maximum Temperature 200° F
• Maximum Flow 140 GPM
• Maximum Head 140 Ft. (61 PSI)
• Stainless Steel Suction Screen
• Includes Heavy Duty Universal Mounting Plates
• 3 HP to 7-1/2 HP Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Motor
• Standard 56C or JM Shaft Motors

Sprayer Washer and Universal Oil Coolant Pumps

AMT Vertical Sealless Sprayer/ Washer pumps are designed for OEM,
automotive and industrial washing machines, parts cleaners, spray booths
and cooling towers. “No bottom bearing” design and stainless steel impeller resists erosion from abrasives and ensures a long, maintenance free life for the pump. CNC machined stainless steel pump shafts. Built-in stainless steel suction screen protects pump from clogging and damage caused by large solids. Heavy duty universal mounting plates permit easy installation into existing tanks, booths, equipment, etc.

Vertical Sealless Sprayer/Washer Pump Dimensions & Specifications

Maximum Recommended Viscosity: 100 SSU

Hazardous Duty/Explosion Proof motors available from stock ranging from 1 to 10 HP

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Heavy Duty Industrial Coolant Pump

  • Cast Iron Casing and Column
  • 3/4˝ to 1-1/2˝ NPT Discharge Port
  • Includes Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Dual Volute Design Reduces Radial Load on Motor – NO BOTTOM BEARING!
  • Maximum Temperature 200° F
  • Maximum Flow 67 GPM
  • Maximum Head 32 Ft.
  • Self-Cleaning, Semi-Open Stainless Steel Impeller
  • Available with Single or Three Phase 56C Motor
  • 1/8 to 3/4 HP Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Motor, 1725 RPM

The AMT Heavy Duty Industrial Coolant pump has been designed for a broad range of Industrial/Commercial coolant and recirculating applications. Back vanes on the impellers of models 4421-95 through 4443-95 balance pressure and thereby eliminate the need for mechanical seals. All models with extended shafts are fitted with aligning coupling between
motor and shaft. Dual volute construction of models 4421-95 through 4443-95 eliminates radial thrust and therefore the need for bottom bearings. A Universal mounting bracket system is included with these pumps (see below).

AMT Mounting Brackets (Included):
Models 4410-90 & 4420-90 mounting brackets are designed to simplify the pump installation/removal process and expand the application range for each pump in the line. With the bracket system, it is no longer necessary to disassemble motor from pump end for installation and removal. Simply unfasten the brackets from the tank cover and insert or remove the
complete pump. The bracket system also controls the immersion depth of each pump in the line by clamping to the pump column at the most desirable position.

Heavy Duty Industrial Coolant Pumps Dimensional & Specification Data

Interchangeable Immersion & Suction Coolant/Oil Pumps

  • Fully Interchangeable with
  • Units Furnished on Most Imported Machine Tools
  • 1/8 to 1 HP Totally Enclosed Motors
  • 2 Pole, 3450 RPM
  • Single or Three Phase Motors
  • Stainless Steel Semi-Open Impeller
  • Cast Iron Construction
  • Maximum Temperature 180° F
  • Maximum Flow 56 GPM (Water)
  • Maximum Head 60 Ft. (Water)
Coolant/Recirculating Pumps

AMT Interchangeable Coolant/Oil pumps are dependable, economical replacement pumps equivalent to units supplied with both domestic and foreign made machine tools such as Fuji, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi and many others. These pumps are designed for the circulation and spraying of coolants and cutting oils. Pumps are available with a stainless steel impeller for added corrosion/erosion resistance and durability. 1/8 & 1/4 HP models
are available in 115/230 VAC, 60 Hz single phase and 230/460 VAC, 50/60 Hz three phase. Motors are Totally Enclosed with sealed bearings and operate at 3450 RPM. Pumps feature semi-open impellers that are ideal for handling some solids and fine contaminants.

Cross Reference to Replacement of Standard Machine Tool Industry Pumps

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Pump Dimensional & Specification Data

† Immersion-type pumps require no bearings, seals, or packing, ideally suiting them for pumping liquids containing fine contaminants. For circulation of coolant and spraying of cutting oil in all machines, including grinders and applications with higher temperatures.

*Suction-type pumps must be mounted above the liquid level as well as other remote locations, featuring a 2 ft. maximum suction lift. For circulating coolant, liquids with large amounts of foreign matter and spraying cutting oil in all types of machines, except grinders.

Maximum Recommended Viscosity: 500 SSU

Pumps feature Totally Enclosed motors with sealed, permanently lubricated bearing for protection from dirt,moisture and soil.
Available in:
Single (1) 115/230 VAC 60 Hz
Three (3) 230/460 VAC 50/60 Hz

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Gusher 7800 Series Vertical Coolant & Industrial Pumps

11019 A
11031 NS
11032 NS
11034 NS

Gusher Industrial Vertical End Suction Pumps are designed to be reliable and versatile. Their heavy duty one piece shaft construction has no seals, bushing or metal to metal contact below the mounting plate, assuring a long, maintenance free life. The pump design has been used in many different applications including industrial washing machines, cooling towers, spray booths, and part cleaners.

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