ANSI Mag-Drive Pumps

Group II ANSI Mag Drive

A full line of Group I & Group II ANSI-Dimensional Magnetically-Coupled or Mag-Drive Centrifugal Pumps to cover a wide range of flow rates 175 to 770 GPM with heads up to 420 ft.  

The long-coupled option is dimensionally in full compliance with ANSI B73.1 specifications and will retrofit any existing ANSI pump installation.

The close-coupled option involves no piping modifications.  The magnetic coupling mounts directly on the motor shaft.  The C-Face mounting eliminates the need for manual coupling alignment.

The back pull-out design enables the removal of the rotating assembly without removing the casing from the piping.  

All MC pumps use a closed impeller design. Closed impellers extend pump life by minimizing axial loads. No axial adjustment of the impeller is required.
The MC is fitted with a 150# serrated Raised Face standard flanged casing. 300# serrated Raised Face flanged casings are optional.
The standard material of construction is 316 Stainless Steel. For Hastelloy-C or other materials.  please contact us.  Sleeve bearings for the MC pumps are pure alpha-sintered silicon carbide (Si). The stationary bearings have O-rings for support and alignment. In all pumps. shaft bearings are held in place with Hastelloy-C tolerance rings.


  • 7 ANSI-Dimensioned Sizes
  • Standard 316 SS Construction
  • Standard 150# RF Flanges
  • Flows up to 770 GPM/2,900 LPM
  • Heads up to 420 ft/128 m
  • Powerful NdFeB or SmCo Couplings
  • Durable SiC Radial & Thrust Bearings
  • Optional TTZ Ceramic Containment Shell
  • Run-Cool Design
  • Self-venting due to centerline discharge
  • No dynamic seals to leak or replace
  • Closed Impellers minimize axial loads
  • Over-Sized Shafts minimize deflections
  • Close-Coupled or Power Frame
  • Module option for easy replacement
  • Vertical models available

Endura Air Barrier Pump

Air Barrier Pump

Solids Handling up to 40% – Dry Running

The AB (air-barrier) combines the best features of a standard sealed pump with that of a mag-drive pump, while eliminating the drawbacks commonly associated with these designs. This patented design makes the ENDURA® AB unlike any other pump in the industry.

How It Works
A gas seal isolates the process fluid from the bearings within a mag-drive pump. The benefit of this design is that the ENDURA® AB does not rely on the pumpage for lubrication. This allows the use of standard, greased-for-life ball bearings, instead of the common sleeve bearings found in all other magnetically driven pumps.

Great Features of the Endura Air-Barrier® Pump:

  • Can run dry indefinitely
  • Lowest L3/D4 ratio of any pump – 9.3
  • Solids handling up to 40%
  • Close-coupled or Power Frame
  • ANSI dimensional for easy change-out
  • Greased-for-life antifriction ball bearings
  • Gas seal prevents process fluid from contacting bearings
  • Inherent secondary containment
  • Magnetically driven – NdFeB or SmCo high-strength magnetic couplings
  • Transformation Toughened Zirconia (TTZ) ceramic containment can eliminates eddy current losses
  • Module option for easy replacement