Breweries & Wine Production

Cartridge Filtration

Filtration is part of beer production ensuring integrity of the brewing process and consistently. Proper filtration is critical for biological safety, quality and shelf-life. Following are filter cartridges used in the beer industry.

High Purity Pleated Borosilicate Microglass Filter Cartridges

or the clarification step, depending on beer composition (solid content, turbidity, micro-organisms contents), we have pleated microglass cartridges (FG & HFFG series) and/or pleated polypropylene cartridges (PP & HFPP series) with a pore size rating of 1 to 3 microns. The FG-Series cartridge offers a low pressure drop, high load capacity and efficiency while assisting in haze removal due to the media’s inherent positive  charge. This step also protects the membrane filter from being overloaded with particles and prematurely clogging.

We also offer our PES membrane cartridges, rated at 045 or 0.8 micron, for microorganism contamination removal prior to canning/bottling.  

WCPES, Water Polyethersulfone Membrane Filter Cartridges are ideal for removing sub-micron particulate from process water.  PTFE membrane cartridges are used for removal of microbial contaminants in tank vent applications.

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We have been providing expert service and pumping solutions for the brewing industry for more than 25 years.  Whether you need to transfer wort, water, or the finished product…  whatever your brewery pump needs, we have a solution:

We can help you minimize down time by providing next-day delivery on most of our pumps. We’ll even deliver same-day if we can.  Whatever it takes to earn your business and help keep your systems up and running.

Let us help you save money, minimize downtime, increase efficiency and ensure you have the right equipment for your needs.

Portable Pump

Stainless Steel Filter Vessels

Single Sanitary Cartridge Liquid Filter Vessels

Sanitary Cartridge Filter Vessels are available with 222 or 226 cartridge end cap configuration.  Are are ideal where ease of cleaning is important.

Available in 304L stainless steel bead blast, 304L stainless steel electropolished or 316L stainless steel electropolished.  CSD manufactures all sizes, #2 size is the most common.

Connections in NPT, Flanged or Sanitary.

Stainless Steel Electopolished Bag Filter with Sanitary Connections

Portable options are available with or without pumps:

Portable Bag Filter

Disc centrifuges are a perfect for clarification of beer, wine and fruit juice from yeast, sediment, pulp and other suspended impurities. 


Beer Centrifuge: Make More Beer from Each Brew

A large volume of perfectly brewed beer is lost in the process when cellaring-off dry hop solids, surplus yeast and trub. It’s all money going down the drain. But with a beer clarifier centrifuge you can exploit it to the maximum and sell more beer. We have the right solution ready for brewers small and large!

Did you know fermentation tank bottoms contain up to 80 percent perfectly brewed beer? And even more can be recovered from the unclarified hot trub. Why throw it away when you can sell it instead? Get a centrifuge skid and you can keep all that beer in the brewing process.

Greater yield from the same resources
– 5 to 10 percent more beer from the same amount of raw ingredients.
– Same amounts of beer brewed with decisively reduced effort (less energy and hours of work)
– Multi-purpose applications in the brewing process to take your business to the next level!

Centrifuges for Wine Clarification

Centrifugal disc clarifiers can be employed in a variety of process stages in wineries. The most common application is for must clarification to remove impurities like broken cells, dirt and soil, pesticide residue, bacteria, fungi or grape decay.

They can also be used in the clarification of lees in place of costly lees filters to minimize loss in the production process. The centrifuge process may also be employed in the place of filtration to clarify finished wines. This includes all forms of still and sparkling wines.

Another excellent application for a centrifuge is to spin off yeast and large particles after fermentation or in many cases during fermentation to remove yeast and stop the fermentation. This application is perfect for the daunting task of stopping the fermentation on desert style wines.

Centrifuges for Cider or Juice Clarification

Alfa Laval food grade disc centrifuge are best suited for cider processing. With the high g-forces, the separation efficiency attained is exceptional. Also with mechanical separation, there is no need for manual filter changes which lead major cost saving on labor and filter media.