Power Transformers

We offer equipment and services for power transformers.

Transformer and insulating oils are under constant stress.  Restoring dielectric strength and lower moisture content must be maintained on a consistent basis.  By using heat and vacuum, moisture is reduced to acceptable levels and dielectric properties are restored.  Our proven transformer oil purification processes reduces moisture to below 10 ppm, reduces soluble air to approximately 1/4%, removes combustible gases and removes particulate matter to less than 1 micron.  Adsorption is used to remove properties of oxidation, soluble varnishes, resins and acids.

  • • Transformer Oil Purification Equipment
    • Transformer Oil Regeneration
    • Mobile Oil Purifiers
    • Transformer Oil Recycling Systems
    • Transformer Oil Processing Service
  • Desiccant Breathers

We offer equipment and services for most all transformer oil purification and reclamation needs.  Equipment is available for inplant and mobile applications.  Rentals are also available.