Portable Oil Pump and Contamination Monitoring

Filter Cart with Contamination MonitoringGRF3 Filter Cart

Oil contamination monitoring can be a challenge, especially with mobile equipment and other hydraulics or field lubrication systems.  You may need to know current oil contamination levels, such as particle counts or moisture levels. There may not be a port to grab an oil sample.  All you have is a tank and a closed system.  Tank samples are inefficient and not a good indication of real system contamination.  If you manage to get a sample, you have to send it out and wait for results.  If real time contamination data is need, we offer a portable oil pump with an inline contamination monitor and filter; all mounted on a sturdy hand truck.

The inline contamination monitor (ICM) uses the latest LED optical technology with +/- 1/2 code of 4, 6, 14µm, with full 9 channel measurement.  Weather you need to report ISO 4406, NAS 1638 or other commonly AS standards, the ICM covers it all.  The ICM storage will hold 4,000 tests and has USB, WIFI, Modbus, Canbus, analog or relay output options.  The moisture sensor provides real time temperature and water levels in percent of relative humidity.  

ICM Inline Particle MonitorICM2

The oil pump is a positive displacement oil pump, typically sized for 5 or 10 gpm and includes an internal bypass valve.  This pump is ideal for pulling suction from tanks and drums and delivering oil considerable distances at varying viscosities.  All components are assembled onto a rugged two wheel hand truck. 

The oil pumping and contamination monitoring cart includes three levels of filtration.  A y strainer on the pump suction and 25 micron spin on filter, followed by a high quality aluminum hydraulic filter assembly that houses a micro-glass filter element with filtration capabilities from 1 micron to 25 micron.  Dirty filter indicators are provided.  

The portable pump and contamination monitoring cart is easily transportable and can be quickly put into operation.  

Common applications include:

  • Mobile Equipment and Hydraulics
  • Offshore and Subsea
  • Transformers, Switchgears and Insulating Oils
  • Phosphate Esters and Aerospace Fluids
  • Wind Turbine Gear Oils and Renewables
  • Marine Hydraulics
  • Test Rigs
  • Military Hydraulics
  • Lubricating Oils

The WIFI features delivers instant results right to your phone.  The app is free and available on Apple App Store and Google Play.


Additionally, the ICM comes with free of charge LPA View software for additional data analysis, reporting and printing. 

There are numerous applications for this oil pump and contamination monitoring cart.  You could transport the portable oil pump to a remote jobsite, hook it up to an oil reservoir and filter the oil.  You can monitor the cleanliness on your phone and be alerted when the oil is clean.  You can then import the data into LPA View where you can produce a report and email or print it.

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