Temporary Strainers

Often referred to as start up strainers, temporary strainers are typically used for flushing piping systems to protect downstream components.  Temporary strainers are available in two standard configurations, cone (witches hat) or basket (top hat).  Normally supplied with 1/8″ diameter perforated plate with holes on 3/16″ centers.  Mesh lining, on inside or outside, is available.  

Normal flow is mesh lining on the inside.  Reverse flow uses the mesh on the outside.  Standard ring thickness is 1/8″ (11 ga) with mill finish.  Thicker rings with mill or serrated finish are available.  

Standard materials of construction are carbon steel and stainless steel.  Other alloys are available.

The tables below detail dimensional information for both styles of temporary strainers as well as the % of open area.  NOTE:  % OF OPEN AREA SHOWN DOES NOT INCLUDE MESH.


Temporary Cone Strainer

Witches Hat

Temporary Cone Strainer

Temporary Basket Strainer

Top Hat

Temporary Basket Strainer

Temporary Flat Strainers


In most cases, temporary strainers can be fabricated and shipped within 2-3 days.  Let us quote your next project.

We offer custom designs, special reinforcements.

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