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Take the lab with you. MP Filtri offers a full line of laser particle counters for superior measurements of fluid contamination. SC Industrial Sales is an authorized MP Filtri distributor of efficient particle counters and contamination monitors for military applications and industrial services companies. We leverage our decades of industry knowledge to deliver excellent fluid contamination-monitoring devices. Whether you need a portable solution or something more permanent, SC Industrial Sales provides comprehensive and tailored solutions to fit your industry and needs. 

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Our Particle Counters and Contamination Monitors

Our oil and hydraulic fluid particle counters and contamination monitors allow you to accurately measure the size and count of contaminants and other particles in a controlled environment. This measure of control helps give you comprehensive details regarding hydrogen fluid and oil particles, allowing you to assess and address any concerns before further production takes place.

The Perfect Particle Counter Products

We leverage our industry expertise to provide superior, accurate hydraulic oil and fluid particle counters for comprehensive, speedy and precise analysis. Maintain the integrity of your machines and hydraulic fluids for military or industrial service applications.

CMP Line Card


Portable Particle Counter

NSN: 6635-01-708-4104

The LPA3 portable particle counter delivers accurate, comprehensive hydraulic oil and fluid analysis results. Our portable particle counter offers real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance, which safeguards machinery. Superior monitoring enhances performance and productivity while reducing costs and unplanned downtime. Featuring the latest in optical and photodiode technology, the LPA3 enhances the reliability and longevity of complex hydraulic and lubricating systems:

  • Accuracy: Using the latest LED optical technology, results are ± 1/2 ISO code
  • Mobility: Durable carrying case only weighs 22 lbs.
  • Analysis: Real-time monitoring to allow for proactive maintenance
  • Speed: High-speed sample times over 16 times faster than the previous version
  • Efficiency: Quickly learn oil’s cleanliness and easily trend results
  • Ease of Use: Simple to use without formal training


  • Robust carrying case
  • Store up to 4,000 test results
  • Increased programmable sample volumes (up to 100 ml)
  • Quickly download results via USB port
  • 10″ Touch Screen
  • Online and real-time monitoring
  • Optional printer
  • Moisture sensor
  • Long-life lithium-ion battery
  • Wide range of reporting formats, including ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638, ISO 11218 and more
  • Use in subsea, mobile applications, oil and gas, industrial, maritime, test benches, manufacturing and military applications
LPA3-particle counter


Portable Particle Counter/Contamination Monitor

CML4 Screen

The CML4 is a compact portable particle counter/contamination monitor for use with mineral and synthetic oil and delivers fast and accurate results. The CML4 provides particle counts and the moisture reading is %RH: 

  • Features an internal integrated pump for bottle samples
  • High-resolution 7-inch full-color touchscreen
  • Optical and photodiode Automatic Particle Counter (APC)
  • High-pressure sampling up to 350 bar / 6091 PSI
  • Suitable for both pressurized and unpressurized systems
  • Store up to 4000 results
  • Durable co-polymer case
  • Portable LED light extinction 
  • Work all day on a single battery charge
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to store and carry at just 14 inches (35cm) wide
  • Instant results on screen and downloadable via USB
  • Simple, straightforward software with an easy learning curve
  • Use in mobile, construction, manufacturing, renewal energy and industrial applications 
Bluetooth Printer

Measures and displays contamination in a variety of international standards, including: 

  • ISO 4406
  • NAS 1638
  • AS4059 Rev E, Table 1
  • AS4059 Rev E, Table 2
  • AS4059 Rev F, Table 1 — AS4059 
  • Rev F, Table 2
  • GBT 14039
  • GJB 420 B
  • GOST 17216

Hand-Held Bluetooth Printer

If you need to print results onsite, a hand-held Bluetooth printer is available as an option. This lightweight and compact unit (just 185 x 120 x 50mm) can easily connect to the CML4 via Bluetooth. It offers high-speed, low-noise, black-and-white printing using thermal printing technology with a print width of 48mm onto a 15mm core paper roll. This portable printer is equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery to guarantee power for extended working in the field.

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ICM 4.0

In-Line Contamination Monitor

The ICM 4.0 includes the following features:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity enabled
  • Permanently mounted
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Comprehensive software suite with a mobile phone application
  • Accurate with LED optical technology
  • Efficiently reduces costs and protects your machinery
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Use in manufacturing, oil and gas, subsea, industrial, military and test benches
  • Test mineral oils, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, water-based fluids, phosphate ester, aggressive fluids, Skydrol and synthetic fluids
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ICM Inline Particle Monitor

ICM 2.0

In-line Contamination Monitor

A member of the MP Filtri laser particle counters line, the ICM 2.0:

  • Automatically measures and displays particulate contamination, moisture and temperature levels in hydraulic and lubricating oils 
  • Can be mounted directly to vacuum dehydrators, filtration equipment and hydraulic and lubrication systems
  • The ICM can be used as a standalone product or can be controlled by an external PC, PLC or the ICM: RDU (Remote Display Unit with 3m control supplied as standard).
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Live real-time monitoring
  • Calibrated to relevant ISO standards
  • Manual, automatic and remote control flexibility
  • Various communication protocols as standard
  • Atex zone II options available
  • FREE LPA View software Windows-based
  • Eight-channel contamination measurement & display
  • Measures and displays international standard formats — ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638, SAE AS 4059 revision E tables 1 & 2
  • Moisture and temperature sensing (fluid dependent)
  • Data logging and 4000 test result memory
  • Multicolor indicators via LCD (K versions) and LED with output alarm signals as standard
  • Robust die-cast aluminium construction
  • Pressure maximum 420 bar
  • Environmental protection IP65/67 versatile
  • Secondary connector to allow the simultaneous control/ download of results during operation
  • Option available to download all results onto a USB stick directly from the ICM
  • RS485, MODBUS, CANBUS, 4-20mA analogue output as standard
  • Use for manufacturing, industrial, test benches, oil and gas, subsea and military applications
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Our oil and fluid particle counters are manufactured for efficacy and safety, allowing you to test several fluids with accuracy and confidence. Upgrade your lab testing operations and streamline record keeping with versatile, robust monitoring equipment from SC Industrial Sales:

  • Compatible: Our in-line contamination monitors and particle counters are compatible with several international display and measurement standards.
  • Robust: Strong outer casings and superior software technology make the MP Filtri particle counters durable and cost-effective.
  • Quick Results: You get speedy, accurate results given in real-time without lags.
  • Proactive analysis: Control your test results and address contaminant issues in time.

Typical Applications

Test and measure various substances in the utilities industry and for military applications. Typical applications of our particle counters and contamination monitors include:

  • Military testing applications
  • Navy and subsea 
  • Industrial services applications
  • During manufacturing and testing

Why Choose SC Industrial Sales

SC Industrial Sales is proud to be an authorized MP Filtri distributor, providing suitable solutions for lab and in-house testing and monitoring contamination of critical fluids. We stand by our commitment to delivering world-class services, exceeding industry standards while we ensure you get superior solutions that drive revenue and keep operations flowing.

Fast Delivery and Quick Turnaround Times

Our mission is for you to manage and control your systems effectively without downtime and delays, so we’ve streamlined our delivery and turnaround times to suit this need. We understand that time is vital and consider this as part of our outstanding customer service. Our well-versed staff are fully equipped to manage and bring you the most suitable solution while adhering to tight deadlines.

Excellent Customer Support

When you do business with SC Industrial Sales, we create a partnership. We’re dedicated to seeing every transition and challenge through with you. Our helpful and professional staff undergo extensive training to deliver unparalleled services during onboarding. We’re also committed to providing you with ongoing support, ensuring your contamination monitors and particle-counting devices continue to deliver robust and efficient results.

We Structure the Perfect Solution for Your Needs

Our mission at SC Industrial Sales is to put you first, which is why we will discuss the right solution with you. We appreciate that not every industry or business is the same, so we tailor the perfect solution to fit your challenges and requirements. Whether you need a portable device or a mounted solution, our experts will help you explore the best options.

Contact Us for the Right Particle Counter and Contamination Monitoring Device

Stay proactive in your operations and in the maintenance of your systems with our advanced oil and laser particle counters. Analyzing your data regularly keeps your machines and products working efficiently, allowing you to deliver high-quality results and meet deadlines. Get started today by requesting a quote or find out more about rental options by calling us at (888) 577-4341.

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