Paints & Coatings Filtration

Resin Bond Filters

Filtration of paints, coating, adhesives, polymer, resins and other high viscous fluids starts with the filter cartridge. Resin bonded filters are the tried and true method for filtering these materials. Resin bonded filters maintain their pore shape under high differential pressure conditions for consistent particulate removal.

The composite fibers are manufactured in uniform micropore sizes in a graded density fashion so larger particles are captured on the outer portion of the filter and finer particles are captured on the inner portion. This maximizes dirt holding capacity.

Next to consider is the filter vessel needed for the job. The filter vessel should be sized so as to start with a low pressure drop, <2 psid ideally, with a new filter. In most cases, electropolished stainless steel is desirable for ease of cleaning. Sanitary connections are easiest to clean and are commonly used. Internal components should also be considered for cleaning purposes. We offer vessels without internally welded deck plates so that both clean side and dirty side can be easily cleaned. Many users prefer bags because the vessel is easy to clean. However, bag filters are prone to bypass. A properly engineered filter vessel will offer excellent filtration without bypass.

Another consideration is if the process can be shut down to change filters. If you can shut your process down when the filter hits its maximum differential pressure then a single filter vessel can be used. If not then we offer multi-plex or duplex options so that the filter cartridges can be changed while the process continues to operate.

Duplex Filter Assembly

Paint Filter Duplex

A duplex filter assembly includes valves so one filter vessel is online while the other is offline. When the filter reaches maximum differential pressure, the valves are turned to bring the clean filter online while removing the dirty filter from the process. The internal filters can then be changed and the filter vessel is ready for when it is needed to go back online. Duplex filter assemblies are popular and commonly used. However, a multi-plex filter assembly is a better solution.

Multi-Plex Filter Assembly

Multi-Plex Filter Assemblies include multiple filter vessels on common inlet and discharge headers. Each filter vessel has inlet and outlet isolation valves so filter vessels can be removed from the process one at time for filter changes. The main benefit is that all filter vessels can be online at the same time, maximizing run time between filter changes.

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