OILKLEEN Electrostatic Oil Cleaner

OILKLEEN   300 Electrostatic Oil Cleaner

Patented Technology

VARNISH REMOVAL SYSTEM:  EHC / Phosphate Ester, Steam Turbine Lube Oil, Gas Turbine Lube Oil, Hydraulic Oil


Lubricant varnish and particle contamination is a problem that most rotating equipment applications will experience at some point during normal operational life of production.  These varnish and particle contamination issues can cause equipment component failures and serious downtime losses in productivity. 

The Patented OILKLEEN Electrostatic Oil Cleaner has been solving these varnish and particle contamination issues all over the world since 2005 when the company was formed.  The patented OILKLEEN technology is the world leader in varnish build up stripping and removal.  This means that not only can the patented OILKLEEN electrostatic filtration system remove varnish from the oil (as measured in ASTM D7843-12 MPC patch test), but it can remove years of varnish build up on the internal metal surfaces of the rotating equipment or hydraulic system it is installed on. 

Oil contamination will accelerate wear, cause governors and servo valves to operate erratically and even stick or plug.  Lube oil varnish and particle contamination will lead to unplanned outages and expensive system failures. 


How the OILKLEEN system works:

The patented OILKLEEN Varnish Removal Systems use principals of physics that create 18 electrostatic fields where the oil has a traversing oil flow pattern through all 18 fields.  Inside each electrostatic field is a proprietary depth media that the charged particles will bond to and be removed from the oil.  The traversing oil flow will create over 9x longer dwell time for the contaminated oil to remain in the electrostatic field, thus making the patented OILKLEEN technology the most efficient and the highest flow rates of any electrostatic oil cleaner in the world.  This process can remove all sub-micron particles and ultra-fines associated with varnish and oxidation by-products and will not remove soluble additives from oil.  The OILKLEEN electrostatic oil cleaner will quickly clean up your oil and then prevent future varnish and particle contamination issues from coming back.

Varnish Steam Turbine

Varnish Compressor

OILKLEEN   300 EHC Electrostatic Oil Cleaner


Fire-Resistant fluids today for Electro Hydraulic Control (EHC) Systems require maintenance and monitoring to keep
the fluids and system operating properly. Maintaining the fluids acid levels low and keeping the fluid clean and dry,
your fluid can last for many years, with increased equipment reliability. The Patented OILKLEEN 300 EHC Electrostatic
Fluid Cleaner is the solution for maintaining trouble free fluids, varnish removal, and increased equipment reliability.

The OILKLEEN 300 EHC includes a membrane dehydrator to remove moisture from the EHC hydraulic fluid reservoir.  Ultra dry air (up to -80°F) is pumped into the headspace.  Moisture contamination is drawn up into the dry air.