Oil Water Separators

Standard Sizes up to 2,000 GPM

Our above Ground Rectangular Oil Water Separators are designed for the separation of free and dispersed (non-emulsified) oil and settle able solids. For pumping to downstream treatment, a model design with Effluent Pump Out Chamber is available.

The oil water separator is a special purpose prefabricated parallel-corrugated plate, rectangular, gravity displacement, type oil water separator. The separator shall be comprised of a tank containing an inlet compartment, separation chamber, sludge chamber, and clean water outlet chamber.

The tank shall be a single wall construction conforming to ASTM A240, type 304 stainless steel or carbon steel. Welding will be in accordance with AWS D1.1 to provide a watertight tank that will not warp or deform under load. Pipe connections to the exterior shall be as follows:
All connections 3″ and smaller are FNPT couplings. All connections 4″ and larger are raised face flanges with ANSI 150 pound standard bolt circle. Use flanged piping connections that conform to ANSI B16.5.

The tank will be provided with vapor-tight covers for vapor control. Gas vents and suitable access openings to each compartment will be provided. The covers shall be constructed of marine grade aluminum and will be fastened in place. A gasket shall be provided for vapor tightness. 3⁄8″ bolts and threaded knobs will be provided for cover attachment.
The inlet chamber shall be comprised of a non-clog diffuser to distribute the flow across the width of the separation chamber. The inlet compartment shall be of sufficient volume to effectively reduce influent suspended solids, dissipate energy and begin separation. The media will sit elevated on top of a sludge baffle.

The oil separation chamber shall contain the appropriate coalescing media specific media specific to your application. The media when installed in crossflow OWS shall meet US EPA Method 1664 Rev. A and also European Standard 858-1 for oil water separators.

An oil retention, underflow weir, and overflow weir will be provided. Underflow weir shall be positioned to prevent re-suspension of settled solids.

The sludge chamber shall be located prior to the coalescing compartment for the settling of any solids. It shall also prevent any solids from entering the clean water chamber.

The oil separation chamber will be provided with a rotating pipe skimmer for gravity decanting of the separated oil to an external product storage tank or an optional integral product storage tank. Other various types of skimmers can be provided as an additional option.

The tank will be provided with a clean water chamber, which allows the water to leave the separator by gravity flow through the clean water outlet port. For models using Effluent Pump Out Chamber, water will leave separator by pumped flow. The chamber will be of sufficient volume to turn pump on/off.

Appropriately sized vents will be provided.

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