Oil Water Separator Media

Replacement coalescing media for oil/water separators

UNIPACK Cross-Fluted Coalescing Media

UNIPACK OWS Coalescing Meda

The most commonly used, the UNIPACK coalescing media is a cross-fluted type media.  This coalescing media is made up of parallel corrugated plates. It is specially designed to provide highly efficient liquid/liquid and liquid/solid separation due to its high surface area to volume ratio.

PVC media is most commonly used.  Also available in polypropylene, stainless steel and HPVC.

Plate spacing is available in ½”, ¾” and 1¼”.

Dimensional Information


Polypropylene Coalescing Media

  • Meets EPA Method 1664 and European Standard EN- 858\
  • For the separation of 20 micron oil with little suspended solids present
  • 132 ft2 per cu ft. of surface area
  • Meets a discharge limit of 5ppm
HD Q Pack

The HD Q-PAC offers the highest effective coalescing surface of any media available. With all rounded elements, the entire surface area is available to support oil droplet coalescence. This eliminates the need for second-stage polishing to achieve oil removal.

HD Q-PAC is used for the separation of 20 micron oil with little to no suspended solids present in the wastewater.  Pre-Filtration is highly recommended with this media.

Meets EPA Method 1664 and European Standard EN-858.


Corrugated Coalescing Media

Corrugated Coalescing Media

The UNIPACK-Plus is an extra choice to separate oil with high concentrations of settleable and suspended solids. The corrugated plates allow natural separation. Solids slide down the troughs and the oil will coalesce and rise on the underside troughs.

  • Available in PVC, Polycarbonate,Stainless Steel and FRP.
  • All plates are in an aluminum frame for easy handling.
  • Available in 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ or 1 1/2″ spacing.

Frac Tank Oil Water Separator

Drop In Media Pack to turn frac tank into an oil/water separator

Frac Tank Drop In Meda Pack

This media pack is made up of our Uni-Pack Plus media, which is ideal for coalescing oil out of water and dropping solids out. Media packs are pre-engineered to drop into a standard frac tank and turn it into a 450 GPM oil water separator with little modification.

Frac Tank Oil Water Separator
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