Oil Removal Filters

Oil Free Water with high recovery rate

Oil Removal Cartridge Filter

Available in common cartridge and bag filter sizes, this unique hydrocarbon removal matrix technology makes a highly efficient and effective oil removal filters.  Oil is instantly and completely removed upon contact.  The saturated filters hold 4 times their weight of oil.  Initial pressure drops are < 1 psi.  End results are sheen free, <5 ppm oil in water concentrations.  

End result concentrations are largely dependent on the level of emulsified oil and flow velocity.  Sometimes pretreatment is required to meet effluent goals.  

We offer complete oil removal filter solutions that include the filter vessel and filter cartridges.  Minimal shear/emulsification pump options are available as well as complete packaged systems 

Oil Removal Filter Vessel

Complete vessel solutions are available for removing hydrocarbon from water. Below is basic cartridge filter vessel sizing information for most applications.

Oil Removal Bag Filter

Standard bag filter sizes are available for liquid bag filter vessels. Excellent oil loading with up to 9 lbs. of oil per trade size #2 bag. These are excellent for existing bag filter vessels where oil removal is needed. We also offer a variety of single bag filter vessels and multi-bag filter vessels for a complete solution.

Oil Removal Bag


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Oil Removal Air Filter

Oil Removal Air Filter

Oil removal air filters remove oil mist from air. Machine shops that produce high levels of oil mist prematurely plug HVAC and air handler filters. These filters remove the oil for a healthier breathing environment. These filter panels are available in standard sizes and remove 99% of oil and >85% of odor.

Oil free air provides a safer and healthier environment and cleaner shop.