Oil Flushing Services

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Oil Flushing Services

Preventative, Predictive, Emergency Processes to Protect Your Systems

Turbo Filtration (TFC) can save you millions of dollars in forced outages through our High Velocity Flushing Services. Our specialized project managers are prepared to visit your site, inspect your oil system, and offer professional advice and a specific procedure to ensure a successful flush.

TFC High Velocity Flushing Services can improve your business by:

  • Enhancing equipment reliability and extending equipment life
  • Reducing unscheduled downtime and forced outages
  • Establishing more effective maintenance procedures
  • Increasing flow rates in piping, coolers, and sealing systems

TFC’s specialized project managers will coordinate with a client’s rebuilding team to ensure flushing needs are met. Customized Job Scope Analyses include:

  • Detailed on-site inspection plans and timelines to meet outage, turnaround, or production schedules
  • Flush plans and criteria for improved performance and reliability
  • Flushing services to perform, including baselines, monitoring, documentation of steps, and after-action reports

TFC manages a large inventory of equipment to handle all types of oil flushing projects.  Assets include vacuum dehydrators, high velocity oil pumps, filter skids, heater skids, VFD Panels, high pressure pumps and more

Oil Flushing ServicesHigh-Velocity-Oil-Pump-Skid

We offer expertise in the following:

High Velocity Lube Oil Flushing (HVOF)

HVOF can help you meet stringent cleanliness levels for your lube oil circulating systems (steam or gas turbines, compressors, stationary engines, etc.) during routine maintenance, turnarounds, new equipment commissioning, emergency or catastrophic failures.

Nuclear Power Services
TFC provides resources, solutions, and innovative technology to support the life cycle of nuclear power facilities, from start-up to shut down and turnaround schedules.

Varnish Mitigation Process
TFC specializes in proprietary kidney loop oil processing technology that removes harmful system varnish from lubrication systems without equipment downtime. The process, Varnish Mitigation, has been uniquely developed to remove oil varnish and system varnish in a holistic fashion to bring long-term varnish solutions to customers.

Heat Transfer System Flushing
Ensure your heat transfer systems perform at their optimal levels with Heat Transfer System Flushing, a process used to effectively clean contaminants from systems so your equipment runs more efficiently.

Paper Machine Bearing and Return Line Flushing
Reduce maintenance intervals and increase productivity with a hot oil flush of individual bearings and related piping fixtures. This flush will reduce oil line contamination, oxidation deposits, wear and other issues that cause excessive leakage and decreased bearing life.

Compressor Flushing
TFC has been servicing compressor units of all sizes in the petrochemical and gas transmission industries as well as other industrial facilities. Equipped with a vast amount of resources to deliver superior results for your unique needs, you can count on TFC’s expertise and unparalleled track record to deliver fast, reliable results.

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Flushing Solutions for:

  • Power Plants
  • Hospital & University Power Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Marine Vessels
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hydraulic Systems

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