Non-Spark Discharge Filters

Spark discharge in filter elements is a common problem in gas turbine lube oil applications. However it can manifest itself in other lubricants and dielectric oil applications. Spark discharge in filter elements results in a several problems, including oil degradation, oil oxidation and varnish formation.

Spark discharge is the result of the triboelectric effect or commonly known as “static electricity”. Most of as children rubbed a balloon in our hair and then shocked a brother, sister or friend. This same concept translated to a turbine oil lubrication system is the same when oil is pumped at a high flow velocity through a tight media; sparks are generated causing detrimental effects to the filter and the lubricating or hydraulic oil.

In the past, plant operators increased the micron rating. Though this approach lowered the instances of the static discharge, the trade off was less clean oil and a higher probability of mechanical or bearing failure. Larger filter vessels with the appropriate filter media would have the same effect but at a higher capital cost.

Our Non-Spark discharge filters solves the problem of spark discharge without sacrificing oil cleanliness and equipment reliability. Simply put, the media and components ground the electricity rather that allowing it to build up.

Parker 40CN with Non-Spark Media

We offer this media in almost any configuration. We have a large (hundred of thousands) of filter element part numbers that we can convert to non-spark discharge filter elements.