Mycelx Oil Removal Technology

  • Instantly removes oil and hydrocarbons from water
  • Extremely low removal levels
  • Holds oil and does not leach
  • High affinity for oil and repels water
  • Instantly bonds with oil on contact 
  • Removes oil droplets >1 micron
  • Small Footprint


Single Cartridge Filter Housing

Applying polymers to filters to enhance oil affinity has been attempted without success multiple times. The reason: all man-made sequentially assembled polymers swell with oil, quickly resulting in prohibitive dP. MYCELX is novel in that it renders oil into a cohesive viscoelastic mass upon contact. VE materials densify and contract when sheared. Oil captured by MYCELX filters contracts and adheres to the filter without resulting in dP. The viscoelastic immobilization of the oil also results in the smallest possible footprint as re-entrainment is eliminated.


SC Industrial Sales offers complete systems and vessels for oil removal applications, such as wastewater, bilge water, produced water, industrial water, cooling water and more.

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