Mobile Transformer Oil Purifier

Compact & Highly Efficient Oil Processing

Transformer Oil Purifier
  • Degas
  • Dehydrate
  • Filter
  • Heat
  • High Vacuum Drying
  • Compact for Tight Areas
  • High Quality Trailer
  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Fully Automated
Vacuum Pump with booster pulls high vacuum to dry transformers and degas transformer oil. All packaged in a highly mobile pull behind trailer.
Mobile Transformer Oil Purifier

Touch Screen Operator interface and automatic valves makes the purifier very easy to use.
Vacuum Chamber includes LED lighting.

Lighted Vacuum Chamber

Flow rates up to 10-50 GPM. Modular Heat. Plenty of options.

The Mobile Transformer Oil Purifier degasses, dehydrates and filter transformer oil. Auxiliary vacuum connection allows operator to pull vacuum on transformers. The vacuum package allows for deep vacuum to quickly remove gas and moisture from insulating oil.

Abundant heating capacity allows for fast heating of oil. Heaters are low watt density fin tube type. Vacuum chamber is large for maximized surface area that equates to fast moisture and gas removal. Cartridge filters utilizing up to date dual glass filter media removes particulate efficiently.

The fully automatic control systems allows for the machine to operate without “babysitting”. Valves actuate automatically using state of the art instrumentation.

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