Mini Pleat Filter Panels

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Plastic Frame, All Synthetic Construction with 2 to 3 Times the Surface Area of Standard Pleated Filters

Mini Pleat Air Filter Panels

Our 2” & 4” Mini Pleat Panel filters provides a level of filtration that’s incomparable to most pleated filters of the same size. Our all synthetic, 100% WATERPROOF MEDIA and FRAME are industry leading, built to last in even the toughest applications and a superior product that provides extended service life.

Mini Pleat Panel filters feature 100% synthetic microfiber filter media with a 3-dimensional, design for optimum dust-holding capacities. Nanofibers, are uniquely integrated into the filter media and able to capture the smallest particles. Our fibers are produced in solvent-free, melt-based and environmentally-friendly conditions with a proprietary process and do not contain any chemical binder. The result is a strong, highly damage-resistant filter that is totally non-shedding.

Mini Pleat Panel filters are ideal for applications where technical reliability and extended service is required.


  • Superior Media and Compact Size
  • Reduced Operation Costs
  • Increased System Efficiencies
  • Outstanding Pleat Stability
  • Improved Frame Rigidity
  • Low Storage and Shipping Costs
  • 100% Waterproof Construction
  • Unsurpassed Performance in Humid & Wet Environments
  • Will Not Support Microbial Growth
  • No Downstream Release of Fibers
  • Helps to meet LEED Criteria


  • HVAC Systems in Hospitals, Offices and Schools
  • GT Air Inlet Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Pre-Filters in Clean Rooms
  • Factory Environments – including hazardous waste removal and reclamation
    And More
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