Marine Filtration & Pump Products

Marine Filtration & Pump Products.  SC Industrial sales offers oil flushing services as well as pumping, filtration and strainers for the marine industry.  We understand that in many cases quick turn around is a priority and, in many cases, we can work within your time frame keeping your project on schedule.

Products & Services for the marine market include:

High Velocity Flush Skids

Storage Tank

Flush Pump Group
Centrifugal Flush Pumps

Oil Flush Pump
Oil Flush Pump

Fuel Conditioning System
Fuel Conditioning System

bs95 Aluminum Bronze Strainer
Aluminum Bronze Basket Strainer

Oxygen Filters

Pumps 2000 Yellow
Diaphragm Pumps

Temp Cones
Temporary Strainers

LPA3 Particle Counter
Particle Counters

High Velocity Hydraulic & Lube Flush Services

Flushing equipment and personnel are available for quick mobilization.  Please contact us with size of reservoir, type of oil, pipe size and length, type of fittings and any information you have on contamination in your oil.

Oil flushing Equipment

Vacuum Dehydrator for Removing Water from Oil

Vacuum dehydrators can be added to the flush job to remove water or supplied on a rental basis.


Flushing Equipment

Used to flush lube oil and/or hydraulic oil lines.  Systems are custom designed for onboard use.  Various flow rate / pump options available.  Filter options include bag filtration, strainers, and pleated filter elements.  Other options include heaters, particle counters, variable speed drives and more.



Filter Vessels

Carbon Steel filter vessels to accept 6″x 18″ or 6″ x 36″ are typically in stock for immediate shipment.  Custom configurations are available as well as stainless steel and other materials of constructions.

Lube and Fuel 718 Filter Housing

Filter / Separator Vessels

Filter / Separator vessels are used to coalesce water out of fuel oil.  Vessels are available in a variety of sizes to meet specific requirements.

Filter / Separator

Portable Bag Filter Vessels

Bag filter housings of all types that can be mounted on a hand truck for easy portability.

Portable Bag Filter


Hydraulic Filters

High pressure hydraulic filters for service up to 60,000 PSI.  We offer spin on filters, inline, pencil, Tee and replacement filter elements for all major manufacturers.

Replacement hydraulic filters for ROV applications.


Replacement Coalescers, Separators & Fuel Filter Elements

We offer replacement filter elements for all major manufacturers, including Bowser-Briggs, Keene, Kaydon, Filterdyne, Gulfgate, Velcon, Facet, and Parker-Racor.  A partial list can be found here.  Please contact us for help and pricing.

Coalescers Separators

Bilge, Sludge & Waste Oil Transfer Pumps

Megator’s sliding shoe pump has a long history in navies and merchant ships all over the world.  These unique pumps are employed in demanding applications and provide decades of service.  The simple design is easy to maintain.  Most common wear parts can be replaced without taking the pump out of service.  The high suction lift and low shear characteristics makes the sliding show pump ideal of oily water applications.



Bilge Water Filtration Systems

Vessels and pump packages for removing oil and particulate from water.  


Fuel Oil Pumps


Portable Fuel Pumps

Several pump options available on portable bases.  Both centrifugal

Portable Fuel Pump

Cast Simplex Basket Strainers

Fluid Engineering’s cast basket strainers are beefy for demanding marine applications.  Large area baskets provide low initial pressure drop and extended cleaning times.  Cast materials include iron, steel and stainless steel.

Cast Simplex Basket Strainer

Fabricated Simplex Basket Strainers

Fabricated basket strainers are available in a variety of  materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, monel, and more.

Fabricated Simplex Basket Strainer

Aluminum Bronze Basket Strainer

bs95 Aluminum Bronze Strainer

Aluminum Bronze Y Strainer

AL Bronze Y

Cast Duplex Basket Strainers


Cast Duplex Basket Strainer

Fabricated Duplex Basket Strainers

Fabricated Duplex Basket Strainer


Centrifuge for Diesel Purification


Diesel fuel often gets contaminated with moisture (condensation) and sediment (rust/sludge etc.) A centrifugal purifier is the optimum way to purify diesel from these contaminants to ensure clean fuel supply to the engine.

Fuel and Lube oil centrifuges for Marine & Power

Centrifugal separators are widely used in the Marine & Power industry for their proven efficiency & reliability for cleaning fuels and lubricating oils.

Keeping fuel and lube oils clean

Reliable engine performance and prolonged engine life demand clean fuel and lube oils. Based on the centrifugal separator, fuel and lube oil treatment systems are designed to protect your engine equipment. They have proven their efficiency and reliability in engine rooms worldwide for decades. Installed between the bunker tank and the day tank, Dolphin Centrifuge fuel oil purifiers protect diesel engines by removing water and sludge particles from the fuel.

Features and benefits

– Simple, compact and robust design
– Constant efficiency in removing solids and water
– No pre-filtration necessary
– Environmentally friendly sludge disposal (no cartridges)
– Automatic, unattended operation
– Low operating cost
– Easy maintenance
– Reliability and long working life

Small Centrifuges for Diesel Purification on Work boats

Small foot-print centrifugal disc separators are designed for diesel & engine oil purification on vessels such as tugs, barges, yachts etc. Typically installed on day-tanks, these oil separators remove the water and sediment contamination providing a supply of clean fuel & lubricating oil to the engines. See below for specs on one of these small, popular oil purifier.