Magnetic Filtration for Metal Fines

Metallic particulate can be costly to remove using standard filter cartridges due to sheer volume of the fines.  Often times the filter elements plug at a high rate resulting in high labor costs, high material costs and high transportation costs.  Just by adding a magnetic filtration upstream of the filter element can reduce the users’ filtration cost substantially.

We had a recent situation that required the filtration and dehydration of gear oil.  The gear oil included a exceptionally large volume of metal fines; so much so that the pump suction strainer plugged solid and would not allow sufficient quantity of oil to the pump.  We removed the suction strainer and replaced it with a size #1 bag filter vessel with a magnetic insert.  The results were quite impressive in that the plugging issue virtually went away.  Instead of using traditional mesh lined basket, we used a standard bag filter perforated basket with a nylon mesh bag, which also helped the situation in that we didn’t have to clean the basket, just replace the bag.  

Here’s a picture of the magnet after only a few hours of run time:

Magnet Gear Oil

Magnetic filtration isn’t going to replace the traditional filtration, just make it much more efficient and less labor intensive.  This solution can be used in steel mills, honing, grinding and machining just to name a few.  Any liquid that has an excessive amount of ferrous material is a good fit for the magnet.  The inserts are designed to fit in standard bag filter vessels.  The insert is economical making for an inexpensive solution to a potentially expensive problem.

Here is a picture of a magnet before being inserted into the bag filter basket:

Magnetic Filtration

Here is the same magnet full of particulate:

Magnetic FiltrationMagnetic Filtration in Action


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