Machining, Grinding & Honing

We offer many pump and filtration options for machining, grinding and honing operations.  We offer direct replacements for existing equipment and upgrades to improve performance for your specific application.

• Coolant Pumps
• Magnetic Filters
Bag Filter Housings
• Filter Vessels
• Centrifugal Separators

Gusher Coolant Pump AMT 5410-95 Magnet Pre Filter Lube and Fuel 718 Filter Housing

Coolant Pumps

We offer many coolant pumps options for machine tool coolants.  Semi open impellers for solid handling is the most common.  We can help you improve pressure and flow characteristics of your current system.  In many cases, we can cross reference existing pumps for a direct replacement.

Bag Filter Housings & Magnetic Inserts

Liquid bag filters are an economical means of keeping machine tool coolant clean and healthy.  Oil removal bags are an excellent means of removing both particulate and tramp oils.  For ferrous (magnetic) contaminants, we offer a very efficient magnetic insert that is cleanable.  Magnetic inserts are available in all standard bag sizes.

Magnet in Action
Magnet in Action



 Magnet Pre-Filter Literature


We build coolant pump and filtration systems for OEM customers. We can design to your specifications or build to your drawings. Many pump and filter options available. The most common being multi stage pumps with bag filter vessels.

OEM Coolant Pump Filter Skid