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Lubricating oil is the life blood of rotating equipment.  Maintaining healthy lubricants is essential to healthy machinery.  SC Industrial Sales has extensive knowledge and decades of experience to help you clean up you lubricating oil and maintain its cleanliness.  Lubricating oil contamination can show up in many forms including, hard particulate, soft particulate, moisture, gasses, varnish and other products of oxidation.  We are equipped to help with testing and cleanliness services, equipment, rentals and evaluation of current filtration techniques.

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Here are some ways we can help service your lubricating oil

Water Removal

Vacuum Oil Purifier

Water in lubricating oil systems lead to excessive wear to bearings and rotating equipment components as well as accelerates degradation of the lubricating oil itself. This degradation leads to acidic properties that are corrosive. Therefore, it is very important to keep lubricating oil free of water.

Vacuum Dehydration

Constant ingression of water into any lubricating system can be managed by adding a vacuum dehydrator.

Vacuum Oil Purifier

Vacuum dehydrators use heat and vacuum to remove water from lubricating oil. We offer sizes from 1-100 GPM capable of keeping any lubricating oil reservoir within water concentration specifications. Standard systems will purify viscosities from ISO 32 (turbine oil) up to ISO 220. Contact us if you need heavier viscosity treatment. Due to decades of experience, our systems’ water extraction rates are as high as 50% greater when compared to competitors.

We offer systems for sale and rent, as well as mobilization, hook up and demobilization services. Rentals are available in NEMA 4 and NEMA 7 explosion-proof. We also upgrade and offer maintenance services for competitors’ vacuum dehydrators.

Desiccant Air Breathers

Power Breathers

Desiccant Air Breathers are an effective means of keeping atmospheric moisture and particulate out of lubricating oil reservoirs. We offer rebuildable as well as disposable options. Check out our cross referencing for competitors’ part numbers.

Rebuildable Breathers

Rebuildable desiccant breathers offer higher capacity for longevity, thus lowering overall costs and less maintenance.

Oil Flushing and Particulate Removal

We offer portable filter carts and particulate removal systems up to 1,000 GPM to flush and filter lubricating oil systems.  The PRS series are available with pre and post filter options, including bag filters and and pleated micro-glass filter vessels.  Many times heaters are included to regulate temperature.  Typical results are particulate removal from ISO 21/20/17 (NAS 11) to ISO 16/14/11 (NAS 5).  


Systems are designed in a single skid package with fork lift slots, protective cage and lifting lugs.  

Electrical options include NEMA 4 and NEMA 7.

A variety of models are in stock from rent or purchase.

Oil Filtration Cart

Varnish Mitigation, Testing & Removal Solutions

Properties of oxidation result in varnish and degradation of lubrication properties. We offer testing, analysis equipment, additives, chemistry, rentals, service and equipment for purchase to help reverse varnish in lubricating oil.

Varnish Removal Rentals/Services

MPC Results
Solar VAS 2

Our VAS Series lowers MPC values in a short amount of time, MPC 42 to <15 in 2 weeks with two elements.

Electrostatic Oil Cleaner

Lubricating oil varnish and particle contamination is a problem that most rotating equipment applications will experience at some point during normal operational life of production.  These varnish and particle contamination issues can cause equipment component failures and serious downtime losses in productivity.


ESP Electophysical Separation Process

ESP technology relies on the principles of “chemisorption.” ESP selectively removes oil degradation products that are in suspension or in solution without disturbing the fluid’s additive system. For optimal performance, ESP media is fully customized for each application and is selected based on oil type and condition.

Fluid Enhancements

We offer a variety of fluid enhancements and additives for lubricating oil:

  • Dissolves Varnish
  • Replenish Additives
  • Non-Varnishing Turbine Oil

Oil Cleanliness Sampling & Monitoring

Constant sampling and evaluation is important to maintaining lubricating oil cleanliness. This includes monitoring contaminants such as particulate, moisture and varnish. We offer solutions for each:

Particle Counters

Condition Monitoring is essential insuring oil cleanliness. Particle Counters are available in both portable and online options. Both offer moisture monitoring options.

The LPA3 is portable particle counter. Excellent for situations where multiply machines need to be tested by an operator or operator group.

LPA3 Application

The ICM is the online model that provides real time contamination data of individual systems.  Many output options are available including USB, WIFI, MODBUS and Analogue.  

Ruler & MPC


Remaining Useful Life (RUL) – measures the remaining active antioxidants in lubricants.


Membrane Patch Colorimetry – Measures the Varnish Potential of oil

We also offer oil analysis services for all the above.

Replacement Filter Elements

Filter Group

Many times lubricating oil issues can be solved by upgrading existing filtration. Filters are either not specified correctly or they are old technology. We have a large cross reference database to cross most manufacturers’ part numbers. We also have the ability to custom build filter elements. Custom built filter elements are usually used in cases where the OEM is no longer available and/or utilize outdated filtration technology.

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