Lakos Separator Eliminates Routine Cooling Tower Maintenance


Prior to Lakos Separator, keeping their ejector-type cooling tower in process cooling operation used to be a big job at wire manufacturer in Baltimore, Maryland. “To stay on top of it, we were cleaning the system’s integral strainer at once a week,” says the Chief Engineer.
National Wire manufacturers low-carbon steel wire at this Baltimore facility and relies on the efficient operation of their ejector tower to serve the needs of their-drawing machinery.
Contaminated with scale which comes from their large scale operation
of mechanically “cracking” (descaling) wire rod, the cooling tower is also subject to fouling with a dry lubricant used in their processes and a variety
of other airborne particulate common in such a heavy environment.

Cooling Tower


Now, instead, three LAKOS In-Line Separators do the job entirely, removing iron oxide (mill scale) and dry lubricant from their cooling water system and eliminating what had become a time-consuming and costly routine
Installed prior to this cooling tower’s integral strainer, the LAKOS Separators are installed in parallel to accommodate a flow range of 192-315 U.S. gpm (44-72 m3/hr). A common purge line bleeds separated solids to
a convenient drain.


With the installation of the LAKOS Separator systems, National Wire has reduced their cooling tower problems by 95%.

  • The removal of iron oxide and dry lubricant increased efficiency
  • Less downtime and reduced maintenance costs with the LAKOS In-Line Separators
Cooling Tower Separator
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Lakos Separator & Process Cooling

Process cooling towers and heat exchangers often become filled with system impurities, which reduces efficiency and performance. This uses more energy and expensive maintenance is required to manually clean the heat exchangers. Lakos Separators can keep cooling tower basins clean and heat exchangers free from fouling, saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.