Innovative Gas & Liquid Filtration Solutions

Jonell Systems, a Process Technologies brand, offers solutions to address the filtration and separation needs of energy customers and process industries worldwide.
We partner with our customers to enhance operational efficiencies and decrease maintenance costs by providing innovative elements (cartridges) with multiple media options and well-designed housings (vessels) to accompany them.
We listen to our customers, understand their challenges and use our resources, experience and technology to develop a solution that best suits their needs. We rely on our in-house research and development, product design and manufacturing capabilities to ensure our customers receive the most optimized solutions while meeting all requirement standards, including environmental regulations.

Horizontal Gas Coalescing Vessel

Gas Filtration Solutions


Jonell Systems has more than 140 years of combined filtration experience in Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical markets giving you, the process owner, the confidence our solutions will be the best fit to handle your challenges.
Our vessel products are manufactured to meet or exceed ASME Section 8 Div.1 standards. Each vessel can be customized to meet your specific process need.

Jonell offers a full line of gas filtration and coalescing elements to fit into all manufacturers’ vessels.

The following table indicates the vessels type, target contaminant and filtration technology utilized:

Solids and Liquids from gas chart

Liquid Filtration Solutions

Jonell Systems liquid filtration products are designed as a standard to meet the most stringent and difficult processes in the industry. By relying on their extensive industry and application knowledge, our team of experts and engineers will work with you directly to customize and develop solutions that meet your individual process needs.

LiquiPleat™ Series

Jonell Systems pleated style liquid filter cartridges are high surface area high efficiency filter elements specifically designed for the removal of contaminants in critical liquid applications.
They are available in various grades of absolute rated high performance media with hardware customizable to suit your application.

High Flow Elements

The following table describes vessel type, contaminant and the technology utilized:

Solids from Liquid Table

Depth Style Filters

Tri-Shield Liquid Depth Filter Cartridge
TRI-SHiELD™ Liquid Particulate Cartridges for solid contaminant removal in a wide range of applications.


Amine & Glycol

Acids & Alkali, Solvents

Catalyst Disposal

Injection & Lubricants

Inks, Adhesives, Fabric Coatings, Paints, Dyes

Product Polishing

Bulk Chemical Filtration

Bottled Water

Beer Filtration (resin trap)

Pulp & Paper

Waste Water


Jonell Systems activated carbon products are specifically designed to
perform in the toughest applications in the Oil & Gas Industry.
Our activated carbon products are available in a multitude of industry
standard canister dimensions, as well as, several Jonell Systems original
designs. By using only the highest quality materials and the most robust
designs, Jonell Systems guarantees a finished product second to none.

CarboPur™ R Series (JRF)
Radial Flow Activated Carbon Canisters
Radial Flow Activated Carbon

CarboPur R Series Radial Flow Activated Carbon Canisters present a greater surface area allowing process liquid to flow from the outside through virgin activated carbon at a lower velocity.
Hydrocarbons contaminants are removed by carbon adsorption from the fluid before exiting the core. CarboPur R Canisters allow for easier and cleaner replacement of activated carbon.

Common part number JRF-1122-C is a radial flow cartridge. We have the longitudinal / vertical flow (JVF) in stock. Vertical flow is a much better design as the flow is forced from top to bottom thus maximizing contact time.

CarboPur™ V Series (JVF)
Longitudinal Flow Activated Carbon Canisters
Longitudinal Flow Activated Carbon

CarboPur V Series Vertical Flow Activated Carbon Canisters are designed to
maximize carbon utilization allowing for the highest amount of surface area versus volume available.
As a result, the process liquid has 30% a more carbon contact as it flows through the canister.

Bulk Activated Carbon
Bulk Activated Carbon

CarboPur Bulk Carbon is specially selected to maximize performance in gas
processing applications where the target contaminant is long chain hydrocarbon molecules.
Used in all Jonell Systems carbon canisters, our activated carbon is also
available in bulk form, small easily managed bags, and large super sacks.

Fuller’s Earth Canisters
Fuller's Earth Canisters

ClayPur Series Fuller’s Earth Canisters are designed for use in decolorizing
and removing surfactants from light hydrocarbon liquids.
These canisters absorb polar compounds, color bodies, and inorganic contaminants from refined fluids, such as diesel, jet fuel, propane, etc. Our Fuller’s earth canisters help eliminate discarded fuel runs and will quickly repay their costs.

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