Inline Contamination Monitor

ICM 4.0 – WiFi Enabled

ICM 4.0
All the data – wherever you are, whenever you need it.

MP Filtri’s highly-acclaimed Inline Contamination Monitor has raised the bar again – adding full wifi connectivity to its market-leading feature set, accuracy and repeatability.

A 24/7 real-time monitoring and critical early warning system, the ICM 4.0 delivers the ultimate in hydraulic health checks – with all data accessible via a sophisticated software suite and an innovative new mobile phone app.

ICM Inline Particle Monitor

Why ICM 4.0

  • Accuracy: Using the latest LED optical technology, the ICM 4.0 is accurate to ± 1/2 code for 4, 6, 14μm(c).
  • Connectivity: Wifi Enabled for instant monitoring of oil cleanliness
  • Analysis: Real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance. Full 8-channel measurement.
  • Information You Need: Particle & Moisture Monitoring. Measures particle contamination, moisture levels and temperatures
  • Versatile: For use with hydraulic oils, lubricating oils, Insulating Oils, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Fluids, Subsea and Water Based Fluids, Phosphate Ester, Skydrol and other Aggressive Fluids
  • Efficiency: Reduces costs and downtime, protects machinery and rapidly pays for itself.
  • Easy to Use: Sophisticated yet simple to use software that makes performance analysis easy.




Wifi connectivity ensures you can access and share real-time data and analysis instantly via a number of different platforms.

Available options include:
All connections from ICM 2.0: Modbus, Canbus, 4-20mA signal and Switched alarm relay outputs (WiFi replaces the need for the remote connector).
Cloud based systems: Capability to connect to customers own cloud-based systems via Modbus. User access to all ICMs on the same network, including remotely via VPN.
• Web browser readouts: Generated from the unique IP address of each ICM 4.0.
Mobile App: Available for Apple iOS and Android devices.
MP Filtri’s Software Systems:
MP Filtri Connect Software: For a complete operational overview of the performance of every machine in the factory.
• LPA View software: Monitors results and provides detailed trend analysis.

The ICM 4.0 should be a key weapon in your fight against contamination.

The ultimate performance ‘snapshot’ for a wide range of different sectors

In addition to the convenient mobile phone app, MP Filtri has released a comprehensive new windows-based MP Filtri Connect software which gives you a complete overview of your entire operation. Benefits include:

  • Monitor as many machines as you like in as much detail as you want
    – with color coded conditions for early warning.
  • Customize the information you’d like to see at a glance.
  • Monitor contamination, temperature and the ISO code.
  • Comprehensive results history with up to 4,000 tests stored on the machines internal memory.



  • Mobile Equipment
  • Offshore
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Filtration Equipment
  • Power Generation
  • Lubricating Systems
  • Wind Power
  • Test Rigs
  • Hydraulic Systems

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