Transformer Oil Purification

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SC Industrial Sales has over 25 years experience implementing transformer oil purification, filtration, vacuum dehydration, vacuum degassing and regeneration.  We offer personalized assistance when it comes to selecting the proper piece of equipment for your requirements.  

Examples of Transformer Oil Purification equipment we offer:


High Vacuum Oil Purifiers

The increasing voltage and rating of the modern transformer and electrical apparatus result in greater electrical stress in insulating material and fluids. To handle these greater stresses, transformer oils with better dielectric quality are required, and lower residual water content in insulation must be maintained. 

The proper treatment and upgrading of the insulating fluid / transformer oil will result in the improvement of the properties of the entire insulating media of power transformers. 

The principal functions of the insulating liquid are to serve as a dielectric material and an effective coolant. To perform these functions, the insulating liquid must have the necessary qualities at the time of initial impregnation and filling at the factory and later maintain the same quality in the field operation. 

The Pro-Filtration High Vacuum Process upgrades the new or used electrical insulating liquids and transformer oil. 

A High Vacuum Process is used for dehydrating and degasification of electrical insulating fluids (transformer oil) to increase and maintain their dielectric strength. The processing includes the removal of free and soluble water, free and dissolved air and gases, and particulate matter. 

  • Removes Gases
  • Removes Free, Emulsified & Dissolved Moisture
  • Removes Particulate / Carbon Fines <0.5 µm nominal and ß2.5[c]=1000
  • Restores Dielectric Strength
  • Stationary, Portable or Mobile
  • Flow Range from 5 – 65 GPM

High Vacuum Oil Purifier

High Vacuum Oil Purifiers feature:

  • Vacuum Pump & Booster Package
  • Digital Absolute Vacuum Gauge
  • Moisture Monitors
  • Heater Packages
  • Absolute Filtration

High Vacuum Package

Mobile Options

Check out our latest Mobile Transformer Oil Purifier

Transformer Oil Purifier





We offer several mobile options.  All trailers are built in house with quality, safety and longevity being our top priorities.

Our small single axle trailers are ideal for degassing, dehydrating and filtering of oil when the transformers are in tight spaces.


Cargo trailers are ideal for tight areas but more internal space is required for oil storage tanks, hose reels, hose storage, work benches or an extra vacuum package.


53′ custom trailers are ideal for large processors with generators, dry air systems, office space, work benches, tools and storage are needed.

High Vacuum Oil Purifier Trailer

Single Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifiers

These small and economical transformer oil purifiers are excellent for degassing and dehydrators oils.  These are used in situations where pulling on a transformer is not needed.  High vacuum enables degassing and dehydration to 5 ppm or better.

Transformer oil purifier


Low Vacuum Oil Purifiers

Low vacuum transformer oil purifiers are a simpler version of the high vacuum system.  These are used mostly for dehydration and light degassing.  These are an economical choice when moisture removal and filtration is required without the need for gas removal.

Flow rates range from 3 GPM up to 50 GPM.

1 gpm Transformer Oil Purifier
1 gpm Transformer Oil Purifier

Transformer Oil Purifier
Transformer Oil Purifier

2 gpm Transformer Oil Purifier with Process Tote
2 gpm Transformer Oil Purifier with Process Tote

Fullers Earth Systems

Used to correct total acid number (TAN) and correct color, much like the fullers earth regeneration systems.  Unlike the fullers earth regen systems, the media is discarded after each use.  We manufacture cartridge vessel systems or bulk style tower systems.  Cartridge vessel systems are a nice add on to small flow applications.

fullers earth cartridge vessel skid


Transfer / Filter Cart

Used for transferring insulating oil to and from transformers and other electrical equipment, EFC is a heavy duty cart available for flow rates up to 20 GPM.  Both particulate, for removal of carbon, and water absorption filter elements are available.

We offer options such as oil reversing valve, flow meter with totalizer, variable frequency drive and more.


Transformer Oil Filter Cart Spin On Filter Cart


Transformer Oil Dryout Systems

Transformer oil Dryout systems utilize water absorptive media to remove moisture from transformer oil.  These are ideal for applications where vacuum cannot be used and/or just moisture and particulate removal is required.

Benefits Include:

  • Removes free and emulsified water
  • Removes Carbon
  • Can be used online
  • Stationary, portable and mobile options
  • Customizable with oil storage tanks, valve manifolds, moisture monitors, etc.

Dryout Trailer InsideTransformer Oil Dryout SkidTransformer Oil Dryout Skid with TankTransformer Oil Dryout Trailer

Vacuum Pump Packages

Vacuum Package

Stand alone vacuum packages, skid mounted for easy transport to site.  Vacuum Pump Packages consist of a backing vacuum pump and booster.  Backing pumps options include oil lubricated rotary vane, piston pump or screw type vacuum pumps.

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